In Her Skin


This is for you.

This is for the girl who despises summer's warmth

While she dresses up and covers up her friends dress down

Flaunting their new beach bodies all over town

Yet she is always found

Wearing hoodies, sweaters, big tees anything but her own skin

For fear of exposing her shame to the sun's hateful rays.

While everyone is diving head first in the water

She’s lucky to even get a toe in

This is for the girl who is forced to love the dead of winter.

Her extra skin sticks to her like freshly fallen snowflakes stick to the pavement

Except she never thought of her body as beautiful

Never compared her thickness to the glistening crystals of a snowflake

She avoids mirrors at all cost

Her reflection physically makes herself sick.

To her she will always be too fat,too big, or too thick.

And nothing she ever wears fits

Especially those crop tops that expose way too much of her stomach.

And forget bikinis

No it is never said but it is always implied

Girls like her

Girls like you

Girls like me

Girls like us

Aren’t welcomed at the beach

So this is for the girl whose favorite season is winter.

For the girl that finds solace in multiple sweaters and long coats.

She hides her body like a needle hides in a haystack

She's so good at this game

Too good

Years of practice have made her a master of disguise

Years of envy mixed with self-hate made her believe her own lies

Years of being "never too small enough" made her believe she always needed to cover herself up

Drowning her body in layers rather than

Loving the skin that she was born in

No mistakes were made in her creation

God only gave her that extra weight cause he knew she was strong enough to carry it.

This is for the girl whose love-hate relationship with food has caused her more emotional stress than most high school relationships.

And nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, right?

But all she tastes is the leftover spaghetti coming up from her throat

All she feels are her fingers in mouth

All she feels is pain

The need to be photoshopped perfect is like a constant and painful hunger that consumes her

Delete excess layers

Make adjustments

Crop out the fat


She will never be like those artificial women

it's true

So beautiful woman I say to you:

Embrace the body you were born in

So what if you aren't a size 2.

Love yourself, as I do

This is for you.



Who are you! I want to know you! You literally just lifted me up on a shitty day. I would love to talk to you if that's ok. Your poem made me tear up. (=




Hi Symone!

if you wanna know more about me just contact me via facebook or email me Thank you so much for taking an interest in my piece. It means a lot. I loved that I touched you. 

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