Six Wounds in Six Seconds

Sat, 06/15/2013 - 15:08 -- Zensho


United States
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If words can be a weapon and a bandage both
Forgiving and transgressing with a little flick
Yelling and whispering complements and jeers
On this I then wonder why they need not a leash
Under no control they inflict such wounds
Caring not because they have a will besides your own
And yet we do not stop talking idly
Nor do we slow and pause before each word
Nor have a way to predict the outcome
Only that we know they may not come out how we expect
Tis frightening I think to wield such deadly power
Behaving as we choose and saying what we will
Every time we speak it may be our, or another’s, undoing
Have we not enough will to control such a force
Adding to our crimes murder by means of vocabulary
Venture we not to slay this mythical beast
Each tongue a violent tool left unchecked
Perhaps there is no way to cage the beast
Reconciliation with it and others an impossible goal
Or do we simply need to try a bit harder
Preparing each sentence and syllable with greatest care
Each time we trip over our tongues we are wounded by them
Rightly I can’t say why we let them run so loose
Lacking any understanding of the risk
Yet even I a common criminal by this sword
Hears the each heart that I rip
Often I wish time could rewind and undo my misdeed
When will I learn to guard my words before I speak
Could ever such a case as this be avoided by thought
A brief pause before speaking to order the words right
Never to slice another soul for lack of watching
There may be a way to learn such a feat
Having had some minor success thus far
Each time I try it becomes a little easier
Caring can be a burden at times
However I believe I’m better for it
Under these circumstances maybe I’ll be forgiven of past crimes
Rarely is forgiveness given easily
Chances are not often given a second time around
How are we supposed to coral our words
Each time we speak the words flow out so quickly
X-ing or chances for redemption
Preparing only helps you out so much
Especially because in the moment we tend to forget
Count each second it takes for you to break a heart accidently
To be honest it takes very few
You’ll often find you are oblivious to what causes injury
Our hurts are not the same as anyone else’s
Under the false thought of we hurt the same many wounds are inflicted
Regardless of the heart’s maybe good intention
Fairness is not how words function
After all we don’t all talk the same
This is what leads to the illusion that causes easy mistakes
Hear me as I speak these words to you
Every idle phrase can carry poison
Remember good intentions do not provide an excuse
That will mend broken hearts from your misconceptions
Only you can be blamed for your vocal chords
Leaving no doubt that they too are blamed for theirs
Each of us must fight this fight on our own
And no kindness or harshness can change that
Daily we must battle our rebellious words
That way they cannot harm us
Healing takes time from these invisible wounds
Each one last years pass their speaking
Make sure to not be your own tongue’s fool


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