Beautiful or Not.

Go get pretty. He said. Make sure you look presentable, He said. Do your hair and spend quality time on it, He said. Please do not embarrass me with that outfit, He said. I have to walk in with the most attractive woman on my arm, He said. If you do not look right the first time you come back, there will be consequences, He said. I need you to put makeup over those pimples on your face, He said. You might need extra make up to be pretty, He said. I am only trying to help you look good, He said. Wear that tight red dress and those high black heels, He said. You would get many compliments if you did that, He said. I am only trying to help you out, He said. Do not wear that, wear this, He said. Put those colored contacts in your eyes, do not wear your real eyes it will make you look better, He said. I do not like the way that looks on you, go change please, He said. Now you look beautiful, He said. Most of the time you need extra to be beautiful, He said.

I'm tired of trying to please you. I do not need any extra to be beautiful. I do not need to wear that make up, that tight dress, or those high heels. I love my eyes, so I will not wear those colored contacts. I do not need you to tell me I am beautiful. I do not need you to tell me that I am beautiful at all. At last, she said.



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