Awesome Ashley


When you smile the world stop and stares

and the only ones that don’t stop and stare

the only ones...are blind.


Under the definition of beauty

it reads your name

and under the definition of lucky as fuck

it reads my name

because out of all of the fish

in the 7 vast oceans

you picked this one.


your eyes are like jungles of caterpillars

surrounded by seas of silky cocoons

because whenever I look into your eyes

I get butterflies.


Your hands are mightier than the pen

that crushes the sword

made out of THE iron

that holds the greatest criminals in the world

because only when I’m holding your hands

do I truly feel secure.

if I were to trip over life

at speeds faster than light

my heart would fall out

and break into a million little pieces

,but you would pick them all back up

reassemble them with reverence

and put a bow of kisses on top

But if you were to hand my heart back to me

I would shove it back into your arms

,because I wouldn’t want anyone else to have it.


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