Living life in bliss
Happy to live like this
Nothing taken for granted
I've got everything I've ever wanted

Loving every moment
Wouldn't trade anything for it
The sweet taste of life
Forgetting all suffering and strife

Welcomed into the world with warmth and open arms
Protected from all harm
Shown love and care
People who were always there

Hoping for tomorrow and surviving for today
Worry a thousand miles away
Changing like water to wine
To something oh-so-sweet and fine

Bad news opens your eyes
See what you've been missing and end all lies
All things used and second nature
Now you see them for what they really are

Miracles do exist
Minor and unseen, like attic keepsakes covered in dust
Trying to accomplish so many things
Until the day comes when we grow our wings

Love for the smallest of life's luxuries
Realization of the importance of old memories
Reminiscing about the "good ol' days"
First loves and old jobs more than just a haze

Keep your friends close and your memories clear
And be thankful that you are here
Remember there is no time you can borrow
And live like there's no tomorrow


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