Dreams Deep in the Ocean

As they shine so bright, the darkness is never in sight.

Whether they are big, whether they are small,

no human being has ever seen it all.

As they travel through the water, nothing else seems to matter.

Many come from children, others come from adults,

but one thing for sure is that trying never hurts.

As the sun rises, their existence is never known.

The days go by but none seem to cry.

As they await the journey, not one is in a hurry.

They may be powerful, they may be strong,

but no one can say that they are wrong.

As they function off of one's own thoughts, they become a part of their personal arts.

No human can destroy them, not even by learning.

Their only interruption is the alarm clock in the morning.

As their existence is infinite, no one can escape it.

The only thing left to say is next time you're sleeping,

allow the alarm clock to continue beeping.


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Our world
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A poetically clever realistic muse about dreams. U wrote it in a very interesting and relatable way that I enjoyed. Awesome rhyming too. Loved the alarm clock interruption line best yet the whole poem is so mod super cool. Kudos.

Im a new poet here but have been writing elsewhere for ages so I invite u to review my latest poem too. Readers elsewhere tell me they enjoy my poems  lots so hoping u will too.

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