The Girl In the Photo

The girl in the photo,

whose eyes twinkle like the stars,

who bears a smile across her face,

with beauty that radiates,

You do not have a clue.


You do not have a clue,

how she once struggled,

through death and depression,

To commit or not commit?


The girl in the photo,

had never lived a normal life,

but to her the life she lived

was anything but different.


You do not have a clue,

ther her mother walked out on her,

and this one event created an avalanche,

never ending, never forgetting


The girl in the photo

struggled to find her place in the world,

going through every day,

lifeless and destranged


You do not have a clue,

that her real role was something like glue,

fixing, mending, securing,

a broken family


The gir in the photo,

lost her passion,

she lost her hope,

People told her to get over herself.


You do not have a clue,

about the pain she felt,

all the things she could not control,

internally and externally


The girl in photo,

woke up one day,

and that is when she learned

to keep looking forward


You do not have a clue,

about the mountains she moved,

she is cloaked in strength,

She loves herself for who she is


And now,

it is your turn.


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