Student Red


What makes me tick, lasts long, isn't quick.  To be persistant, to never give up, are just mere descriptions of actions unseen.  Student Red can be seen. 

The fire, the passion drives Student Red.  Actions and experience define Red.  The drive, education, is knowledge.  Awareness.  Opportunties.  Community. 

Student Red, I am.  The school blues do not rule me.  Exerienced as I be, the whole world does not revolve around me.  I grasp it, yet water flows though the crevices of worn fingers and palm.  The importance to grasp it, to seize the moment, to transform and become the one, Student Red. 

The flame is not extinguished but is made complete.  Full circle almost complete.  The community.  My future. Our future is what we seek. Community Red. 



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