Sat, 09/07/2013 - 15:31 -- kimy

You know, 

A long time ago I wanted to be a rapper.

But everybody laughed in my face.  With their condescending smiles and tones they said,  "Oh and what's your race?" From then on I told myself you can't be anything but white!  Because for some reason your race determines whether what you do is wrong or right.  And maybe just maybe one of these days  I'm hoping there might be another person who thinks this way.  That your race does not determine whether you finish the race.  In third grade I had a friend who was black  And I'll tell you there was no hesitation,  There was no   "Oh! get back!"  In fact,  My best friend was Puerto Rican and every day she lived in the chains  Of who she wanted to be but her race gave her a name.  She couldn't just be "Megan",  She had to be something more.  She then became the Puerto Rican girl who lived down a few doors.  And to my surprise her mother looked in her eyes and said,  "Honey, you are more than what people despise! You are beautiful, you are loved, and you are more than your race. See, it's your heart that matters not your face."  And when we would play on the playground there was no  "Oh, she's mixed..... you can't play with her anymore..."  So let's go back to our childhood  When we would play together games.  Because if we look at it that way  We are all the same.  And when God made us equal, He did not say,  "This race is better than the other. So  don't play together, okay?"   My family's white, and the other half Hawaiian  And sometimes it's hard to find the middle line and  When I was young I would hear all the time  The songs "When the Sun Goes Down" and "Red Red Wine".  And I didn't fit in with the kids who were white. And I didn't fit in with the kids who were black. I didn't fit in with the Hawaiians. Or anyone in fact.  I was viewed as a mut because race was important and sacred.  And I was too many things  That instead of love I got hatred.    As years went on the battle raged  And it was not my pride and I wanted to save.  But I embraced what I had that was on the surface  Because I'll tell you being a mut has it's purpose.  And I stand here to say race is a beautiful thing.  For without it we would have nothing to bring.  To the table of life we bring diversity!  And that's not it, God loves all His people you see,  We're created equal and that goes to show  That not everyone was created to be "Anglo".




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