"The Queen" Has Been Redeemed


Hanover, Pennyslvania
106 Orchard Lane
United States
34° 35' 46.0428" N, 84° 27' 12.0348" W

Although I have not lived a hard-knock life I have been through some struggles

Of not knowing who I am or what I want

Constantly and repeatedly putting myself in a bubble

My lack of honesty would cause me so much pain


I would let people walk on, around me, treat me with so much vane 

I have had friends who judged

I have had people who do not support me

I have had family members lie

To this day I still can't understand why


I have often been not wanted

I have often been betrayed 

I have ripped, cut, scratched, scarred, my body has bled in so many different ways

I have hated

I have been bitter


I used to always call myself a quitter

But then I came to this place

This place called peace

Which now helps me live my life with so much ease

Hawaii has changed me


My career has molded me...into thee

Yes...that WOMAN that I am DESTINED and STRIVING to be

God has replaced rotten apples with fresh ones

Men, women, gay or straight

It does not even matter because no longer shall my heart be filled with so much HATE


Because I am going back home a different me

I am going back to school thinking...no...KNOWING that I am not so lonely

I am learning what I deserve and what I don't

I am learing what I will tolerate and what I damn sure won't


I am living my life with LESS screams

I am living my life with LESS steam

I now drive MY car with brand new high beams

So that way when I come I am seen

I want EVERYONE to know

That Vashti Brown aka "THE QUEEN"

She has finally been REDEEMED

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