Positively Flawless


Colorado Springs, CO
295 Wuthering Heights Dr.
United States Minor Outlying Islands

                                                 Daily dose of happiness is what II see,

                                                      The sun smiles back, right at me,

                                 Through hurt, pain, and sadness it doesn't bother me,

                                                 For I know my demons can't touch me,


                                                          I live, breathe, eat positivity,

                                           Obsorbing rays of sunshine, any possibility, 

                                                No matter what, nothing can stop me,

                                          I am who I am, and that's how it's going to be,


                                                        You can punch, kick, and stab me, 

                                                                   but that won't stop me,

                                         Laughter and joy will overcome all there is to be,

                                                  Because negativity is not what I believe, 


                                                       Joy and hope is what I achieve,

                                    Everyday there's going to be a challenge to succeed,

                                            So I pick myself up and make myself happy,

                                               Because I know that's how I need to be,


                                             Stress, anger, and dissapointment, forget that,

                                   I am a strong person, and I know I can get myself back,


                                          Tears can sting, but underneath, smiles can bring,

                                          Grief overcomed by smiles can change everything,


                                                      Birds can't fly without their wings,

                                                   Trees can't grow without their seeds,

                                            But success too can't go without their needs,

                                                 All it needs is a helping hand of deeds,


                                                           hugs, support, motivation,

                                                     there will be a new renovation,

                                  Family, friends, their your tools for this trasformation,

                                       Your power to keep going now and moderation,


                                                         I always hope for the better,

                                       Keeping myself from going under the weather,


                                            Making and achieving my goals is my dream,

                                                  It's what makes myself believe in me,

                                                      I know myself, and my needs, 

                                             And in order to do that, I need to be free,


                        Escape from the monsters crawling, hiding, underneath my bed,

                                                 I push all the pain away in my head,

                                              Preparing myself for what I want ahead,


                                                           The tides may be high,

                                                     But there's no need not to try,

                                                I take the steps I need as a guide,

                                                      For I know that is my drive,


                                                        Forget what people say,

                                                 They don't know what is at bay,


                                         Dream, believe, achieve is what you do,

                                Because that's what's going to make a better you,

                            And bring upon new dreams you know will come true, 


                                                           Up, up, up you go,

                                                 Your wings will finally show,


                                               In the end, it will all be worth it, 

                                               You made it your own perfect,


                                               My Happiness is unbreakable, 

                                                    I have all that is capable,

                                                   My glow is unescapable,


                                                Nothing to me is hopeless, 

                                                My positivity is my flawless.










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