This Is Sorry. This Is Reassurance.


No not sorry.

That is an uneven word,

On a short line,

Of unjustified sorrow.

Let these words extend that line,

To a proper apology.

Where it wraps around your pain,

And holds you there,

Until you are smiling with release.

This line starts here-

You didn't deserve this.

You deserve happiness.

For it to pour into your soul,

For it to rage war with the emptiness,

And sway it into the unknown.

Filling you up with gay excitement.

Everything happens for a reason.

And though this reason is absent to you now,

It will be clear to you soon.

Whether it be from insight of future prevails,

Or someone shows you the way,

The reason will come to you.

The pain burns now,

But the normality will come.

Like the changes of the seasons,

Slow but sure.


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