A New Face For a New Place


I'm bumbling,
And it's cold here,
Not "chilly cold",
Cold... the kind of cold that only an unfamiliar place can provide.

I'm newfangled,
Struck by these extrinsic halls and illusive faces,
These faces have blind eyes that see every flaw,
And note each goosebumb that the chill has exposed;
Wrinkling their upturned noses in contempt.

New places always have that smell too,
The smell of "not home",
That's what it smells like here... "not home",
And when you get down to technicalities,
You know that you'll have to get used to it,
That chill and that smell.

So eventually I took my own nameless face and added eyes,
Sparkling and willing to learn,
I drew on a nose that only wrinkled in laughter,
Lips that always had something to say,
Ears that perked for more knowledge,
I brushed on eyebrows that sometimes raised in amusement,
Or furrowed in deep thought.

I've danced across broken edges,
I've sewn up bursted seams,
I've faced challenges that have tried to hinder my growth,
And steer my mindset,
But here I stand.

I've found my ruby slippers,
And I wore them on my long walk down the road less traveled by,
I've tripped up,
Scraped my knees,
Stung my palms,
But in the end I've found,
My experiences are what make me shine.


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