Declaration: Who Am I?!




I'm an artist, freed from logic,

An idealist, un-tied to politics,

I'm a writer, a leader, but  no cheater,

I'm a finder, not a keeper.


No one can tie me, I'm a fighter, not a lover,

Society can try to tell me what to be,

They can even try to tell me what I need,

But I'm not their puppet, not even their pet.


So try to stop me 'cause I ain't leaving,

I stand for what is right,

My voice speaks to fight,

I may be a girl, but I'm no "girly".


I'm  independent, taking a stand,

I love myself the way I am,

Just like Elsa, I let it go,

Let it flow and let it show.


I'm flawless just the way I am,

I'm gorgeous in every way I can,

I'll leave you breathless with this declaration,

Call me dauntless 'cause I'm no abnegation.




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I liked your words and their deep in them , personally is one of the best poems i've read , it is very interesting and logistic.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!


awesome !

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