A Natural Thing

Sit and stare at the photo
What a young and innocent face
Can't recognize me though
Had a bright, wide-eyed gaze
My slate was clean
All I knew was to be me
It's such a natural thing
Now everything has changed

Years later down this superficial road
I found myself going with the flow
But how much sorrow did that bring?
Why is this a natural thing?

Stand and look in the mirror
Wild and restless face
Wide-eyed, full of fear
That I won't find my place
Want to fit in like a perfect rhyme
But all that will fade in time
I've got red on my ledger
Up to their standards, I'll never measure

Years later down this unpaved lane
I find myself going against the grain
It's not a natural thing
But it makes me want to sing

If you're paint by numbers
Tear it apart
And learn to love abstract art
Oh, you're a natural thing
Forget everything you've ever been told
You're the best real thing you'll ever know

Now everything has changed
I'll never be the same
Finding myself was the greatest feat
It helped me see the beauty
In a natural thing


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