Colorfully Awesome

 Colorfully Awesome


I heard RED aligns with anger.

1940’s lipstick welcoming World War veterans home

Blood given for the sake of someone you’ve never met

Laces on a ball that can link generations

How is that angry?


I heard ORANGE represented rebellion.

Leaves in the fall, painting Norman Rockwell images of family gatherings

The golden gate bridge, an iconic mark of architectural genius

A fox. What does it really say?   

Where is the rebellion there?


I heard YELLOW cues caution.

The shining sun welcoming a new day

Golden waves of wheat, providing provisions for millions

A rubber ducky promoting good clean fun

Why should I be cautious?


I heard GREEN elicits envy.

Grass stains on the pants of athletes diving to catch an opportunity at greatness

The soothing smell of a green, lush forest after rain

A Muppet frog teaching compassion for every race, creed, and color

I see no reason for jealousy.


I heard BLUE was synonymous with sadness.

The dress of a Disney princess helping little girls believe in happy ever-afters

Caribbean waters reflecting a clear sky inducing total relaxation  

“Bluebirds singing a song. Nothin’ but bluebirds all day long.”

Who is saddened by that?


I heard INDIGO advocates obsession.

Freshly dyed denim, like a child’s mind, free of distress, fading or corruption

Huckleberries with a taste so tempting that humans, bears, and species of all kinds will risk interacting when they otherwise would not

The night sky in the final moment of transition - a deep breath and the release into relaxation

What is obsessive here?


I heard VIOLET communicates corruption?

Lilacs, beautiful, intoxicating and as sweet as the girl you gave them to

 The amethyst exposed when a geode is broken

A crocus emerging from the snow offering a gift a hope and joy

None of this is corruption.


These colors surround us every day.

They are everywhere, in everything

 And so is awesome

If only you choose to see it.


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You got it! Happiness is a choice. -Your Mom

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