he Tried To Hide


he tried to hide

that fragile side

of the strength

he had,



but we all know

that glass shines so

when the


strikes its



but he tried.

                 too hard.

and he got.

                 too far.


the world around him,

stopped to sound like him.


             but when a glimpse

of his long, lost, light

came back into sight:


it blinded him! stymied him!

from limb to limb, but truly,

just reminded him!


he asked:


“Should a man who feels,

really appeal,

to a world that wants to steal

a part of me?

I’ve just,

started to see

my personality’s

raw intensity

and. who. I. can be.”


At that moment,

that man slowly past

by the growing mass

proudly showing

his fragile glass,

fully knowing,

it could, just, break.

but he knew now

that paths to take

without those aches,

do not allow,

beautiful mistakes.


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