A moment of Anxiety: Give and Take

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 02:23 -- lizann

Okay so you are drunk again

But this time you let your heart stay in bed

it's your brain here surprisingly enough

so listen up

You have potential 

A part of Newton's Cradle

Right now is just the start

get hit by the wind and you are off

so no you might not love her

and she might love you too much

but you never loved yourself

so this one is to you

love yourself because I can see where you're going

As a brain under the influence the most influence is myself

When I am more powerful than the emotions of your own self

You have so much to give this world

and to take

So as a 19 year old, you can make a mistake

You can fall in love and find out it's fake

and that all you wanted was some company for your health's sake

but never settle

and never nest

because when wings spread open,

That's when you fly best

So say goodnight to her 

as she says goodnight to him

and accept the fact

that everything you take 

is not equal to everything you give


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