You are loved

Because I love you I won't let you down
Let you down by leaving you alone
Or crying in your bedroom,bathroom stall
Because I love you I will care
I will try to stay strong, smile
Laugh, even be outgoing,
Get out of bed too
Because I love you, you will grow
You'll grow like a ragging fire,
Slowly then all at once,
You'll rise out of this yuck.
Because I love you you'll be better,
Better meaning no more thoughts of self harm,
God knows you try , you try so hard
Meaning no comparison of your eyes to hers,
Or your thighs to theirs, no starving,
No letting this darkness control you anymore,
Meaning you'll love yourself, you'll praise your heartbeat,
A heartbeat that you had wished at one point to stop,
You'll be happy or even make your own happiness,
No more thinking you're unworthy, ugly, unwanted,
You are loved!!
You're a beautiful blooming flower dear,
You're just blooming, waiting for the warm, vivid sun,
Because you are loved you will inspire
Inspire individuals through your radiance,
Radiance that even after years will still be felt.
Because you are loved you will find a husband,
He will love you and love all these scars maybe..
Maybe he'll even breathe a buried giggle out of you,
He will love you everyday just as you loved you and will
Always love yourself
Because you are loved you will have children
They will love you,
Cherish you
These beautiful beings that grew,
Grew for ten months in your womb
They will look to you for nurturing,
Love, a home, an amazingly warm embrace
Because you are loved you'll be free
Free from these chains,
Those chains that never seemed to give
Because you are loved you'll be happy
Happy with yourself,
Content with life and everything in it,
Because you are loved.

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