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We want to hear the voices of honest and truthful persons. All the people who love babies say an emphatic yes. People who oppose power hungry politicians state your views.
My Sweet Boy,        I hear you have set a new goal. I'm glad you have something you want in mind. I'm glad you have something to go after and achive. I want you to know I beleive 
     When life is too much and you can't go on you have to find a way it hurts, I know the pain in your throat I know, it won't go away to break the silence  in your vocal cords
     I may not get tommorrow but at least I have today I may feel sorrow but at least it's just for a day I may not see the path but at least I know there's a way I may not be happy yet 
Anxiety Makes your mind create A cosmic blank space Encircling you 360° The emptiness in its totality Wearisome to handle Knowing uncontrollably You sink gradually
I: I've admiration for you, as such! You: How much? I: A lot and beside. You: Why'd? I: Should I reveal? You: Yes please, don't conceal! I: Ok, then lend me your ear,
ɹǝʌǝɹoɟ ʇɹɐd∀ ǝɯ ʞɔıd uɐɔ noʎ 'ǝǝɹʇ ʇınɹɟ ∀ ɥʇɐǝuǝq ǝɯ ʎɹnᙠ
you were an unexpected.   we were never supposed to be actual friends. but mutally we fell, got back up, and tripped again.   you make me smile- even when it feels impossible.
When trials come like furious wind to blow you down, To tear your tender heart and have your tongue -- a pawn. Be strong and fight for liberty and equity; Not by your arms or guns but by your ink and words.
In the middle of the night When the sky shines so bright I look up at the stars Even though it is far Not a single sound 
 I commend you for all of your achievements and life accomplishments  I can see you’ve been through so much even though you don’t show it on the surface You are everything you need to be to become the person you want to embody  You put your mind t
 I commend you for all of your achievements and life accomplishments  I can see you’ve been through so much even though you don’t show it on the surface You are everything you need to be to become the person you want to embody  You put your mind t
My head likes to raise scary possibilities and questions, Elaborate thoughts and vague suggestions. Needs no cause, no prompting or reason, They speed up so fast that there's no chance to ease them.
Blue ButterflyIn Memory of Lou
1,000 friends in a life time you could make. Unfortunately; most will turn out fake. Only a few will prove themselves true. As you do them, they care about you.
Growing up  He never had people Who would stick around  He's ashamed to say  that his own mother neglected him 
A girl to love, that sounds like fun but sadly they go one by one That leaves me with a whine for stability someone to bring me tranquillity
Condemned and Shunned, My mind can function no longer. Battered and bruised, Like life on the battle field It can fight no further.
Will you still be here, when my fingers fall to pieces? Broken glass beneath my toes, a reminder of my own fate. Will you still listen, when the words mean nothing?
On my bedside table lies a small wooden box.  To a visitor, it seems insignificant  perhaps an elementary school art project.  However, to me, it serves as a powerful reminder.   
I gazed at the ocean, just to see your face. Shift the tides with a smile, the definition of grace, Do even you know what's behind the mask you where? Or are you a victim of your own existential dispair?  
If you were here right now, you’d know just what to say. Bring me up off the brink, cradle me in your words, and touch me with your dreams.
When your throat has become raw to point of tasting blood  and when your eyes are painfully dry, I will cry, scream and shout for you.
A poem for the best and most influential mentor in my life, my big brother   David, my dear brother, you are like no other.
From the first day of stepping in the school, I felt like my life was no longer important. I didn't know anybody and most of the students ignored me. A few months went by and I lost all of my tools.
Nostalgic melodies cause me to rise, from the safe white, billowing sheets, and the shared warmth of surrounding arms.   Aimlessly, I sway unsteady, on the forgetful memory foam, legs wobbling, arms bending,
Oft awake a feeling, Total misery. Cat starts a meowing, Come and feed me.    Stretch yawn and wonder, Will I ever feel free? This deep and heavy burden, Within deep Centre of me. 
Coming up to 7 years of age was a magical time. We smiled, laughed, and life sailed swiftly by. Getting to the old age of 8 saw a massive change ahead. My guardian angel was often missing, replaced with an absent father,
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So perhaps it was not beauty that shone in the wrinkled face of my grandmother, well past a prime she doesn't miss.                    It was strength
To my friend, my cousin. You represent someone who is exactly what I wanted in a father figure. My real dad is afraid of everything, and has a hard time being supportive.
My mother has always been there No matter the situation she'll care. She's been my role model Since I drank from a bottle And we'll always be a pair.  
  Small words taught me to sympathize   with strangers and their inner tides.  
Would it be OK if I took some of your time? Would it be OK if I wrote you a rhyme? Would it be OK if I opened your heart?
You caught me slipping. You grabbed my hand as I dangled Precariously over that ledge, As I toed the line Between today and yesterday. And right now, you're pulling me up. You're holding me back
Anxiety Lonliness On gaurd all the time Prayers Exhaustion Craziness Incoherent cries All cares taken away
I stand outside. Outside of the boundaries you set for me. Why am I outcasted from this "perfect world". Yet, if this world is so perfect, why is anyone outcasted? I'm tired. Tired of feeling alone.
Dear Life,
Finding myself   In the past,  a cast was on my voice In the past, I was harassed In the past, I was glassed as an outcast. In the past, I had crashed In the past, I was betrayed  
You may be dressed in a most elegant shade,  But I know it is merely a facade because I behold intelligence in your eyes. 
It has been 5 years 60 months 1825 days with Type 1 Diabetes it's not always easy people stare and comment as you poke, prick, and inject yourself embarrassment
Dear Kayla,   I can’t make you walk on flower trails. I can’t force you to see only the good things. To promise you
As you embark on this journey of life It is imperative that you know I am with you Although we're miles apart In distance and in heart Somehow, I will remain with you
Chrysanthemum, you Will be a garden most beautiful I am your water, your earth Suck me dry Take from me everything I can give Your many dead petals, let them fall Shed the things that make you withered
To the girl with the beautiful soul,  
Hi, my name is Kai and I am gender-fluid. Well, that's not what my birth certificate says But it's who I am nowadays. I enjoy living in my own fantasies. A place in my mind where I can be anything.
me you owe it to yourself you owe this to yourself you deserve this you can let yourself have this you can say it to yourself for now, that's enough you don't need to say it to anyone ele
Berenice was her name, the girl who fell in love with a boy named Theodore Easy they went, taking things one day at a time Calls lasted hours, both vowing to love one another   
Though life may not always go as planned, I know you will always hold my hand through the highest highs and the lowest lows,  your kind love will always leave me feeling whole.
I will sacrifice, I will support and respect; Because I love you.
Worries worries worries Who is he with? Why didn’t he tell me where he was going? Is he lying to me?
I long for your words.You always know what to say,You make me feel gay.
I will listen to society and I might cry at the words I hear, but I still do when she is wounded by her own sword And I will stand to say that I love her like a mother or sister
He arrived at her place of residence She knocked from the inside And he opened the door, revealing a magnificent world  
Because I love you, I will tell you when you're not right. Because I love you, I will support your passions, your light.   Because I love you, I will never make you feel alone.
Dipping my fingers into your affection, It tastes like sweetened condensed milk - The way you hold me when I'm trapped in the dark, Your company such a welcome confection.  
I will always love you, I will love you with an unconditional love. And because I so deeply love you, I will always try to give you the world.
Love is tiny roots supporting a giant tree Love is a wave carrying a message in a bottle from shore to shore Love is the sun lighting up the moon Love is the storm after a drought
    Death is knocking at my door  again tonight she says I’m trying so hard to slam the door in his face But each day it gets a little harder please help me He’s been persistent comin round every night
I will not make you a promise That you will not feel blue Or shake with loss or cold Or always know what's true. I won't tell you it's easy That it'll always be okay And I cannot promise comfort
Of all the simplest of things.Sometimes love is a lot like socks.Some are long, some are short.Hell some even come up to the height of knees.Some are bland. Some are colorful.
Laughter is all I hear. I hear the cruel whispers as I walk down the hall. I can hear you.   I can hear their silent voices, smirking at the girl who walks -
  As a crazy light amidst the darkness of the lone nights; As a cracker of laughter amidst the busy world, when has no time to cheer..
 Her smile shines like the bright sun Teacher's plush pink lips  Move fluently as she speaks to us "How about we play a game, class?" My face lights up I love teacher's games!
Simply stunning stars on a block of blue fabric blown by the wind, shooting left and right like the bullets between our soldiers
She's a woman, what has she to say? Truth be told, I could list off every issue, I could tell you all day. I know how you think, I know how your mind works. After all, being male has to have its perks.
Porcelain Doll hidden between thorny leaves and puppet string on forgotten dusty shelf coerced beneath the Looking Glass Self –   A torrent comprised of inveigle words - acceptance.
My Heart,Love of my life.You give me enough strength.You always gave me enough support.My Rock.
She gave up that retirement plan So she could become all that she can Pushing away the money vice She knows what it means to make a sacrifice   Gripping on the helm of fate Praying it's never too late
It’s been a long time coming But we’re finally okay We know we deserved this sooner But we’ll take what we can get   But just as all the pieces seem to fall right into place
Young man, young mind Eloped, then resurfaced Unchanged, so I thought   Beckoned by romance Heartened by the future Unharmed, I hoped   Distant stares of uncertain eyes
once i reached for the Moon,   fishing pole in hand,   i grabbed for it   and grasped-   DESPERATE  
Slouching They already know Head down They already know Talking slow They already know No matter what I say They will know I am having a bad day   They take me
Most peoples sun rise is at 6 AM The skies go from dark to light and all the bright colors start to appear MY sun rises with you Without you everythings dark and I see no colors You are my sun rise
You look at the toy that sits on the shelf and it stares back All you want is that little bear and you tell your mom, "I'll pay you back!" She says "No" as she pulls you away She tells you "Maybe another day!"
Thank you all for coming to Group tonight!My name is Griffin and I am……BlankNothingEmptyDevoidThese were what I thought.These were what I used to believe.These were what I was.
A spark It connects Not like love But something Just as special Strings slowly Reach out And start To tie Into knots Lots and lots Until soon All you see
Beautiful lies But once it turns Into truth It's ugly And painful I trusted you With my bare heart And even though I gave support And encouragement When I prayed 
You won't find mine In some building It will be found while we're all mingling You won’t find it some picture You will find it while were gathered around a bake mixture
  Fluttering wings splashes light painted amongst cicada hums Thy fingers intertwined in roots Yet drawn to graves of lapsed youth
Many people see equality as something that brings races togetherWhen in reality it adds a brand new fatality to the people you don’t like, and it’s not even a fair fight.I always hear people say“The whites oppressed the blacks”Or“The blacks are op
Nobody ever wants to be a bother.     But, am I really a bother?     Do people say, behind backs, what a bother?    
I won't forget I love you You're precious to me Your laughter moves me   We ran together Like school kids We laughed   I won't forget I love you You're precious
time has no meaning it is the same as it was  so long ago. The tender age passing and ripened to what  may be our perfection.  
For everything you have done All the love and support you have given me My constant motivation I wouldn’t be where I am without you.
Her hands run down my fractured spine and her arms wrap around my treacherous waist as she buries her face in my crooked neck and kisses my furrowed, tortured head.   She sees me.
She wags her tail As I sit here and wail. I think "How did i deserve this?", as she licks the tears off the surface. I say Abby stop im not in the mood, so she sits by my side as if she understood. 
We argue every day. We argue until walls fall down, Until the neighbors from downstairs look up at us And say the next day “Please don’t slam the door. We hear you.”
Forget the people who praise you,when you are shining and glorious.
One word to describe our relationship? Brutal To others we may seem broken 
We could have been sisters In another life, we should have been After all, you are my mirror.   You know me better than anyone And always know what to say After all, you are my mirror.  
All I need is a chance to be heard and understood, Not to be the mistake child who everyone talks about. Not to be making six-digits and have nothing to spend it on. Not to be living your dreams for you.
Maybe she likes sports Maybe he likes ballet  Maybe she's a he Maybe he's a she Maybe she likes girls Maybe he likes boys  We must be treated equal We are humans, not cookie cutter toys  
My own silence most terrifies me While freedom is my savior We must close our eyes Rise above the noise And speak louder than blockades I need my voice to say no I need my voice in highs and lows
October 27, 2015, 9:36 pm
Cold, wet, and defeatedThe angel laid her hand on my shoulder"Let me show you you aren't depleted,Come with me or grow colder.This is not what you intendedI can show you the light,
When I was growing up, I imagined my life A sparkling fairytale A delicately blooming water lily upon the surface Of my reality Everything would be perfect, set and ready for me  
So, I poem about me? Well, Me isn't the me you see. At least on the outside,that is.   Have you ever looked into the mirror and seen something you're not?
When my breath won't stop shaking, and the walls are closing in,  my breath will catch,  and I can't find a grin, when my hands start to tremble, 
Hard-core, A man with an iron will, Seeker of justice in a world of chaos.   He has his moments of weakness, vulnerability... But in such times she always holds him up, supports him,
I am held by a piece of string hung in the dark
Please don't cut, please don't cry Just come here beside me and lie Your head on the down of your wings My sweet little Angel, who can't stand the state of things This isn't forever, please don't say goodbye
​Three years ago I wrote a poemShaming people for using "love" so freelyI now realize my error and malady
If you ever must catch your breath, feel your head on my chest and the warmth of my embrace. My tender slow breaths are your safest net.
Once a sudden whisper of hate.
I am a person, a true human with flaws and weaknesses. There are times when I fall to pieces. But I get up. I move on. There are bigger issues going on.
Grab the outstretched hand. Take it now. You never know when your strength will give out. Believe.
Fall in love Breath in life
We had walked on opposite sides of the street,
Hope. Hope is everywhere Hope is abundant, hope is not rare
Look where I am now You showed me how to love myself You gave me support  You were there when I told my mom the truth You broke my heart School is starting and i'm a mess
An insatiable appetite. The gluttony stains your lips. Each day, each second, unwavering, yearning for more. Your cries are often heard, always heard, but does mine reach you?
They say it is hard, You think you can manage, But it takes a bit, To really see the damage.   We were packed to leave, Very eager to go,
"Worthless, good for nothing, immature, You don’t know what you are doing with your life." Everyday I hear things like this, Things meant to bring me down Things that are supposed to hurt me.
You do not see me but I am there I kiss your face and I stroke your hair I hold your hand every step of the way I am here with you every day Many times you take me for granted and forget me
Look at the world with hopeful eyes, Never let them see you down, put that razor away, put that lighter away Don't hurt yourself anymore, please, don't frown.   I wish your depression would you see yourself
If I don't hold you down who will What if I don't hold your hand when you're ready to quit
Hopelessness stalks you, ready to pounce.   It throws with uncertainty It shoots with loneliness It pours boiling guilt.   Staggering, you struggle to run away.
they shove you down They cut you up There words like knives that make you feel alone The words that turned a heart of gold into a black hole They say kids are curl That is true but adalts can be mean too
You are not alone Same feeling, different situations
I don't know who I am anymore. I don't know what it means to feel motivated in something that you really love doing since people expect you to be perfect. I continue to push but for what?
Support.It's something we all want.They're my parents.Do they know?They said they would and always will.But she took it back.He doesn't seem to care.I feel alone.Do they know?
I wish on broken stars, because the bright ones give off too much light. The feeble stars, with fractured points and fading colours, too fragile to fix, but strong enough to hold wishes.
One thing I always ask myself is “why?” and “how could someone I don’t really know mean so much to me?”.
War child , she was merely just a kid with a heart  of steel when the people lost their livelihood whilst she kept it real, saw soldiers die on the streets
Social Media     Facebook -   Making a page that will deliberately describe what I want to say.
We are not bound by blood yet nothing can separate us I do not know you since birth yet our energies tell a different story
Alone in a room I stand. A single light shines down on me. I feel empty and numb. There's really no feeling at all. Im not sure who I am or who I can be. I feel two hands on one arm. They
Sometimes people just don't understand The details of who you are and where you stand Because more often than not, their criticisms Are wrong, but they still tend to make you feel weak.
Why take the hurt others give you, when they don't even hold your pain with you?'s time that we part     Here now I leave along with your troubles So you may stay happy as you've always been   More than you now are the memories precious
there's so much hate and pain pouring into our lungs 
In this world many things could change, many women and children are living in dismay. Let love win and make a change, show these beautiful people a better display.  
To those who are broken Whose hearts have not mended Keep this thought on your mind Your lives have not ended. While the hurt and the grief Will bear down like a weight Know that there is relief
"OMG you too Ms. Imani?You see I... I thought I was the only"Thats what this young girl said to meas she glared at meno longer feeling lonely.
You've got a brand new pair of scissors and your staring down the string you've contemplated darkness resting where the angels sing   I know its big of me for asking but there is just one more thing
I've been lied to, there is no such thing as SUPPORT in family anymore.  
If you choose to do so 
Choice is a conscious decisions We choose what we wear And what we say And what we do But Love is not a choice Love is a feeling Mysterious and dangerous Silently screaming
When we live in the freedom country,
We are so focused on teaching our young people to dream that we forget to teach them how to reach these things
She, she knows all of what love is not. It comes to her like a foreign language nobody has ever cared to teach her.
Having the power to make the weak stronger Noone deserves to be made little I would tell the homeless to seak a job And they would find one I would lend them a hand to help them Off the ground
Life isn't as easy as people make it look, next time your in class, think, you see that kid acting goofy? The one who sits there and does nothing all class, sits there on his ass and makes comments trying to get you to laugh?
See a boy grow up with bruises on his back ‘Cause he can’t change how he’s born
We demand.We expect. We desire. We want to strive. We want to live. We abuse. We forget. We ignore. Many suffer for us. We tend to forget them. We need to stop. We need to help.
If I would change a person I would change them to be non-judgemental, kind, and fair and I hope everyone will see. Because not everyone is perfect. They're tall, fat, and thin,
I am happy for her, She has beauty and heart, She deserves it for sure, Her soul is true art, All those who disagree, Calm down and let the girl be. 
What would you consider calm? Maybe a tropical palm Or a vibrant butterfly on an infant’s Sprouting hair Yet even a single tulip Amidst the life that’s bare Or a teeming cub
We grow up wanting to leave a stamp on this universe. We are told very young,  we can become are dreams if we wish it. And through it all, we create a mind set of this reward in the end.
  No matter what, don’t give up.
  God, he’s not happy, he’s wearing a frown –
As kids, we are brave if we go down the slide if we try a new food if we jump off the high dive if we don't cry when mom leaves on the first day of school.  As middle schoolers, we are brave
Are you mad at me? I sent you to the hospital because I’ve been there Been where you are now   I was surprised when you thanked me Now I feel awkward I couldn’t let you die  
Would you tell a blind man he needs to open his eyes more to see? Would you dare say “just walk it off” to a recent amputee? Of course not. You know that the solution isn’t to be strong willed
Little ones sing soft and sweet In their castles safe to dream I once lived in a castle too Long before I was torn from you   Father, forgive me for I have sinned
I'm tired of schools taking claim And not going by their word By putting "anti-bully zone" in the name. Am I the only one who finds it absurd? Your idea is to do these kids a favor,
Grasping for air that my lungs desire  as i pull the tear drops back inside Camoflaging the dark clouds that hover above me When will you acknowledge the darkness  that surrounds my inner walls?
Eleven years old taking on the world. Eager to impress, she's just a girl. One night, the same as any other. The only one aware, her loving mother.   It takes her wholly, body and mind.
Isolated from your peers, alone and rejected, different from the others, you feel diseased, infected.    it's impossible to change everyone,  difficult to get it through their heads,
The Fear of Failure You can do it, they all said No one can get in the way of your success, they assured Here is a list of resources to get you there, they gave
Here is my shoulder, on which to cry when days get colder. I offer my chest, lay down your weary head and rest. My arms are open wide, they will give you somewhere to hide. With feet on the ground,
They say it's a selfish act. Trust me I realize that. But it doesn't prevent me from thinking about it. I know I'd be taking the easy way out. But if that means escaping from the pain, Then so be it.
My words are mine not yours But I'll share Lend you my words of courage Hope Love But I wont let you take them My words are mine but not mine alone there for you to Just ask
Silence stretches Between you and iIts painfully quietThe music turned on highTo drown outThe painful truth 
today the secrets outyou are beautifulthat you would ever think otherwise is a crimeyou are beautifula flower no matter the colorno matter the shapeno matter the sizeit is beautiful
shes my best friendi hold her hand when she crieshold her hair when she vomitsrub her back when she needs mehug her when she breaks downand helps her smilei dont know how to deal with emotions
I feel like I’ve tarnished your name But I am not a disgrace. For so long I felt shame But now I receive your grace. You lavish it upon me, See past all my faults. You told me who I could be
I do not like that. The weird place. The odd shape. The abnormality.  I do not like much. Not what I see. Not how I see it. Not much at all. "But this is okay." They point out.
A leaf upon the pond, drifting along,  No wiser to the water below than the sky above,  The wind blows it goes,  No control of here or there,  As the day unravels the weather above eats away, 
Hey dads, yeah not dad, but dads. Although I should call one "the guy who didn't want me" and the other "the step-father who left the family", both of you are still my father.
It's not easy I know. Going where nobody likes to go. A touchy subject that's for sure. But do you even know her? The struggles she's faced? The heartbreaks and pain?
Once you stood proud, now you're lucky if you can. Once you fought for something great, now you feel surrounded by hate. People look at you and can't decide, if they and you should feel pride. Sometimes you question it, all that sacrifice.
This life is yours to lead This life is yours to live Take the wheel from Jesus Take control   Push yourself forward Wait for no one Take a risk, take a chance Live by your own commands
Hey You! Yeah you! You’re beautifulI’m just jokingYou’re actually drop dead gorgeous when you smile rainbows fill the sky
A thud  A bang  A walk to a room  A mother in pain A father drunk with machismo A son with fear and hate in his heart A threat against a life A broken family A time to take charge 
There are times when I always felt like giving up,   But I always thought about my family and I stand up and try again,   I sometimes would get hurt from others that I deeply care about,  
Painful memories my heart storesLooking for a way through these doorsFinding my way back into the lightUsing up all of my mightBut when the darkness is backAll I see is black
I dont want the scars  to represent the weakeness  I aquired.  I dont want them  to be a false representation.  They do not define who I am.  They should not tell you
The abandonment that I have experienced,  no other should feel. Enjoy your family, if not for you. Do it for the peole like me. People who have no mother to say "I love you".
One night I feel the falling rain Drowning out the moonlit night. Gloomy thoughts of fierce betrayal Linger on my mind. (Shadow Dance)   Hallucinations of my pride Give me the strength to fall.
When you see a pretty face When you see a shining smile Does everyone see that same thing? When some one is crying blood
            Ever since I was young, my mom always said what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. But what if it does?
Hopes and fears, lies and tears. I do not want to feel like a failure anymore, I am sorry I most go on. I left you behind because you were no good for me; now you are back and I do not want you here.
Normal is Boring Doing the Same Routine Daily Everybody dresses the same Its like playing an old game of Follow the Leader One that never ends We all go this way Or that way
Poetry is self expression. No guidlines, no rules. Noone to tell you, "you're doing it wronge" or "you have to do this too." Poetry doesn't have to rhyme, have 10 beats, or eight lines.
Watching stains on the sidewalk.. Listening to the birds talk, - Mind's Gone. No one with the words to say.. or listen to the words I say, - I'm Alone. Soft whispers of those who hate..
Wake up feeling tired What a slumpy day Want to get the myself going But stays in bed all day Hate to see that happen But it happens anyways
Whats a person to do when their down in the dumps? When is it time to stop all the cryin' and suck it all up? When do you tell someone they need to just laugh? What should you do if theirs no response to "Whadup?"? 
Does gravity push or pull down?  Push shows force.  Push shows anger.  Push shows victim.  Push shows weakness.  Push is struggle.  Pull shows power.  Pull shows support.
The days go by, The days do come, Life is nothing without a little fun. Hold me now, Hold me close, Moments like this, i'll cherish the most. My darling, My dear, Sweet young one;
Pouting like a baby, who was just told no. Trying to maintaining your composure, so you don't explode. Turn your head from me, so i wouldn't know. But i can see, tell me what's happening.
I have no heart, So how do I live ? I have no love, so what do I give ? I have no feelings so what do I spill . Why do I have I never have time to chill ? Why does being fake prevent you from being real ?
I see her hurting, lying broken, Air filled with words unspoken, He shouts and breaks again the silence With his ceaseless violence, And yet she remains, standing tall, Leaning, breaking, against the wall,
SHADOW It, who doesn’t hurt It, who doesn’t care But truthfully It is not who It tries to be It is simple and It has feelings Words hurt It and on the inside, It’s feelings scream
Love can't be touched; Love isn't tame; Love won't give you fame; I love you so much i cant help but clutch my heart that you used as a game.
Thoughts- they can either be a bad thing or a good thing. What happens when those thoughts involve a potential burial 6 feet under. I'll tell you what happens, those thoughts turn into visual scenarios.
To the clouds, hawk says, "You are what I dreamed to have! My soft and white bed!"
Life is rough and we all have experienced the bumpy roads keep your head up and hang in there you see those bullies? that storm that just crushed your home? the adversities you face everyday? dont let them get to you
Wondering mind leads you to question how to mend this relationship we so helplessly destroy. It's like love without a purpose yet love of such chaos brings also moments of joy.
There once was a girl who knew everything, A witty comeback, an intelligent review, a passing observation All eloquently exhaled from her blood red lips. With a transparent snap of her fingers
You love him he loves you There's something not supporting you two. It cuts through your love like a double-edged sword, You were barely even warned. You thought that love would be enough,
I know me saying this isn't right But it's how I feel I really want to end my life Yes I am for real
This ring and I have been through it all Seasons, months, funerals and joy This ring is my brother, my sister, and friend Till death do us part this ring is my man
Time together spins a silver flurry The night wraps around my limbs to comfort Vital force screams for you from my body Will, tenet, and my guard are taken down Affection from you melts me like chocolate
Long brown hair, Dark, frizzy and out of touch. Long black lashes, Glasses that covered her big brown eyes.
Trust Issues I loved him I thought we were forever But he had someone else He thought he was clever
It’s a hard thing to describe It’s so hard to explain Just I can’t help it Feeling this way Just the way you smile The way you sing a song Makes my heart soar A million miles away
Feeling alone Let down Hurt Misunderstood Unloved Ready to cry at any given moment Just wanna be hugged, and loved , and held , and asked are you ok I cry at the most random moments
Sometimes certain situations are just so hard to deal with, other situations are easy, but the hard ones teach you a lesson in life, weather its for the worst or the better.
dam valentines is already hear for real cuz i need more then a day to show you how i feel i remember the first day that we met u had a ponytail n u was wearin sweats I thought to myself you look kinda cute
I often look to the yellow lillies in the garden on campus Friends pass me and time shifts Is it not the success that people want? Or perhaps it's the driven motive in which we attempt to strive Unjust it truly is,
He stands alone Fighting to hold it together, but he's already breaking Crying the tears that no one should have to shed Using black to help conceal the pain so red
No one knows her story like I do so let's see if you can understand it too.
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I care so much it hurts.. Deep inside my heart, And now my eyes are open Because we are apart, This world is fading. It is turning dark. My bright world of smiles, Has begun to fall apart.
You tell me I'm no good With every word I say Everything comes out lies, betrayal, and trust including your own friends would say those things Have you seen the things I've done? No.
Sadness is so peculiar It creeps up on you, and then bam, It hits you with its full force It overpowers you And you don’t know what to do You just sit there, weeping, hoping
There is a castle underneath the Sea, Under the Moon. Only those who have lost can see it. Only the ones that have felt true sorrow.
I’m staring into your beautiful eyes, As we sit away from the world, What people say about us is only lies, There’s nothing wrong with me and you.
There is a voice that echoes without measure It bounces off the faces of those who came before it It dances in the acres of nostalgia This voice carries a fire That burns Burns With the thrills of a thousand souls It possesses the pain and agony o
You know when you were little And you had your hand In the cookie hand You turned and almost died of embarrassment When you saw your dad’s face
You know that feeling When you’re empty and alone When there is no one you can turn to Remembering when the sun once shone You used to be able to laugh About nothing at all
Sometimes it hurts to live, To wake up and not have a reason to... It hurts to move, to remember, to want. That pain once constantly plagued my heart... Until I realized there IS a reason.
I'm going to take this time to say, that this woman is beautiful l in her own way. From the joy in her smile and the sparkle in her eyes, proves that there is more than this woman then betwee her thighs.
I’m so glad you’ve moved on I’m so glad you’ve found better you finally look like your life is together I’m so happy you’ve moved on and found someone that makes you smile someone that makes you feel
Tap tap, on the glass of life that is swift. Lift, up the locusts from their chests, A plague would be uncalled for, so To suggest the progress achieved so much earlier in
I am tired of playing this sick game I don't understand why I always take the blame Sure I don't give people the impression But it sure feels like depression Someone needs to take the pain away
Last days for Dad, I wasn't really glad, So naive and harsh, Mom told me, "I'm done." "As we change, we're going to have fun." I sat in the car with relief and despair,
(poems go here) Its da same stuff jus a different day n I'm tired I'm tired of da fussin n fightin da uncontrolable cryin I'm tired of goin 2 bed at 4am thnkn wat if?
A solid heart or a plastic smile? I wonder and ponder on this subject in my class , My teacher distorting history to make plenty cash , I just back and laugh .
What is Love? What is its meaning? Is Love an action? Or is it a feeling? Is Love worth the pain? Is it worth the tears? Will it last a month? Or will it last for years?
Pain in my sight Feeling like there's no more fight I can't sleep through the night With all these tear feel like it ant real My Momma my queen We living in these streets
How does it feel to be let down, lead on, lied to, and hurt How does it feel to be kicked down, stepped on and treated like dirt How does it feel to love someone who doesn't love you back
I am young, I am free, I am looking for what I want to be. Doctor or a lawyer, a teacher or a poet. Humm, what will I be? I won't be a bully for reason you should know,
Justice and praise to the things you embrace weeping for the moment despising the shame we take on none and shake off the sun to be drenched in sorrow only to be captured by grace
Sometimes we fall, we fall down down down, into the abyss we go, untill we hit the bottom. We hit hard. Adrenaline rushes through veins. A rabbit runs along. “I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.”
Im going to die soon, why care about living for. Hardships and force is the only time i praise the lord. And they say, "whenever it rains it pours". I kicked misery out and now im showing pain the door.
There is not a day that goes by When I don’t remember that this is for my mom Going to class For my mom Studying . . . For my mom Because there is no doubt that she wouldn’t do it for me
That day she wasn't doing too well, we could tell. She seemed a little depressed, we said she needed rest. We had no idea what was inside her head, so she did what we all dread. She cut herself and dropped dead.
How do I explain how feelings change, how strained this train of thought chugs along with nowhere to stop and drop this ticking bomb. The face of your clock can tell me nothing when I can’t look into its eyes.
I was tried of it all The profanity The abuse The lies I told My caring parents I though I couldn’t do anything But when all of the above Came into one I had to do something
You push me down You Kick Me Down You Dig a Hole You Stabbed My Back And push me down Again And Again But what’s the point What’s the problem? I’m I Not good enough
I'm no Maya Angelou, Mark Twain, or Emerson. I don't yet know my dearest complaints, intents, or direction. I've never been hurt so bad that I've been deeply pained, I have, however, seen enough to know that we need change.
Hanging on the wall, with four corners in the air; Happy friendly faces, it's shown perfectly and clear. Picture perfect, perfect picture; A great memory to me; When I'm down and out,
Lying in your arms under thick covers The heat of your body against mine Banishes my feverish chills
Animals have feelings too, This is why we should not beat them with a shoe. Animals should be treated like family, Just sit back and see.
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