Best Friends

1,000 friends in a life time you could make.
Unfortunately; most will turn out fake.

Only a few will prove themselves true.
As you do them, they care about you.

As you do their's, they always have your back.
They brighten your life when all goes black.

Each other's secrets we promise to keep.
The holes we dig, they keep from getting too deep.

Like blood siblings they become.
With them life's not boring or humdrum.

We have fun, laugh and goof around.
They help keep your feet firmly on the ground.

For you, a bullet each will take.
You'd do the same if their lives were at stake.

Besties, best friends, bosom buddies, metaphorical brothers and sisters....

True best friends are difficult to come by.
For the few I have, I give thanks to God on high.

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My family
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Fitzy Marlote

Do you have true best friends?

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