Out of Sight

Mon, 02/05/2018 - 20:33 -- B. A.

I stand outside.

Outside of the boundaries you set for me.

Why am I outcasted from this "perfect world".

Yet, if this world is so perfect,

why is anyone outcasted?

I'm tired.

Tired of feeling alone.

Even though I have so many,

standing infront of me.

I'm different.

Different by not following the rules you place on me.

The chains you put me in.

I am an individual.

Yet you shame me for having individuality.

I'm not so different from you.

Color of skin, religion, background, gender, sexuality,


I always hear the words you speak of.

Shaming those not the same.

In the world we live in, being intelligent is shamed.

Which is ironic, the one's shaming are not intelligent them selves.

I have my own dreams.

My own dreams that are put down due to lack of standards you have for me.

I can go beyond my standards.

My sexuality does not defind me.

It only describes me.

Everyone should look at the nouns,

Yet they judge our adjectives,

and inflict verbs.

I stand outside.

Outside the boundaries soon to be broken.

Broken by the ones you bounded. 

I stand inside.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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