Don't Take My Pain

Cold, wet, and defeated
The angel laid her hand on my shoulder
"Let me show you you aren't depleted,
Come with me or grow colder.
This is not what you intended
I can show you the light,
And make sure your wounds are mended.
With me darling, everything will be alright." 
I looked up at the angel and started to cry, 
"Please do not take my pain away
If that is your plan then let me die.
The pain is what convinces me to stay
It reminds me I'm alive.
Don't take me to Heaven or Hell,
Just remind me I can survive
And be happy as well. "
The angel got down to my level
And I saw her eyes full of tears,
She held me in her arms and said, "You have to show me your Devil
And tell me all of your fears,
Only then I can remind you
Of all the pain you've overcome
And how you can be happy too"
My demons were what I wanted to run away from
I wanted to give up a lot
But when the angel offered me a way out
I shook my head and didn't give it a second thought.
I'd rather live in that world of doubt
Than let my pain consume me
To the point where I would
Leave and lose all my dignity
It won't be easy but at least the angel understood. 


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