you owe it to yourself
you owe this to yourself
you deserve this
you can let yourself have this
you can say it to yourself
for now, that's enough
you don't need to say it to anyone ele
it's okay, you're enough
you don't need to prove yourself to anyone
it's okay, this is enough
you don't need to hurt yourself for others
you are enough

my love
you feel like everything
you feel like air in my lungs
you feel like cold water down my throat
you feel like a queasy, light feeling in my stomach
you feel like enough
you are enough
this is enough
am i enough?
can you be with someone who was scared to tell you
tell you something that mattered so much to them
that it hurt thinking of the worst you might say?
i hope i am enough

my friends
there are better words to describe you as
i feel weightless and grounded with you
in a space where i feel like i belong
where i can exist and be real
and be acknowledging for being real and me
sometimes it is more than enough
to see words surrounded in pastel pink encourage me
because what more could i ask for?

you are enough

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