Many faces of me

Oft awake a feeling,

Total misery.

Cat starts a meowing,

Come and feed me. 


Stretch yawn and wonder,

Will I ever feel free?

This deep and heavy burden,

Within deep Centre of me. 


Never seems to wander,

Become a certainty,

Later in the day I visit, go to see my family.

We talk of the past, of nightmares gone, with a detached reality.


Inside hurting, 

Totally empty.

Numb sensation that carries on my soul,

become my identity.


In the day I'm working,

Generate property.

I like it because its money,

More money to build more property.


Takes me away from feeling,

Feeling that has engulfed me. 

Oh why oh why am I cursed this way,

Sin in a past century?


Friends rarely see this,  this hidden side of me. 

Smiling,  laughing and taking the piss is also who I can be. 

Listening, guiding, and caring for those,

many branched tree.


Whenever I see Colin, 

- The Kings Speech - on TV,

Life long affliction his majesty,

Battling for all to see.


With a resigned fate, 


Battles his demons,

During National tragedy.


Get the meaning,

Behind this movie.

Come to the conclusion,

My life's destiny.


Feeling not going anywhere,

Become embedded,


Part of me. 


Perhaps if I got support,

Bared my soul to thee,

The love I receive, from the one I trust,  

Would complete me. 


Sometimes I bang my head against the wall, 




This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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