There's A Better Life


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Thoughts- they can either be a bad thing or a good thing.
What happens when those thoughts involve a potential burial 6 feet under.
I'll tell you what happens, those thoughts turn into visual scenarios.
This is a sign, not to end our life, but to find a safe haven in someone.
Tell the person you trust what's going on.
Moments lke these is when the people around you reveal their true feelings; the person who acted like they didn't like you, secretly envied you and would do anything to help you find yourself.
Everyone wears a mask, therefore before you commit to a life changing decision...don't.
Your reasoning is more then likely based on someone elses actions, instead to something more powerful.
Confront them.
After you do that write their name on a sheet of paper and throw it in the trash, and apply it to your life. Leave them far behind in your past.
No one is worth your life- think about how long they're going to be in your life...not that long.
Any time a bad thought crosses your mind replace it with a good one.
Maybe it's a trip to the Bahamas, perhaps a future road trip to Disneyland.
Think of your future, your future husband, your future kids, your future grandkids.
You were put on this Earth to last a lifetime and it shouldn't be ended because of childish people not aware of their actions.
I was turning on the path of suicide but a voice lead me to someone.
My best friend.
My mother.
She has opened my eyes because I became aware of how many people love me and that love is a million times stronger than any hatred from a stranger who does not know my life.
So hang in there.
It gets better.
I promise.

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