Dear Kayla,


I can’t make you

walk on flower trails.

I can’t force you

to see only the good things.

To promise you


to tell you

there is nothing to fear—

I can’t lie like that.

The road before you is tough,

but if you take one step forward, then two,


a finer tomorrow may come.


You don’t have to shy away

from the pain

feedback has brought.

You can see there’s help

amidst the criticism

inside rejection letters you’ve received

by mail.

Try to tolerate the struggles,

the doubt

when inspiration is gone.

You’ll overcome this block,

and write again soon.

It’s okay. It’s fine to forgive yourself

every once in awhile.

When you need to breathe,

I’ll begin again with one, then two, three,

so that you may catch your breath.

We can do this. I believe in you.


Kayla, I know you feel alone,

with your voice quite small,


Someday you will read your words

on fancy print,

and maybe even hit the top

100 list.

But for now, it’s good to fail,

cry, face pain, be impatient to live.

I’ll count slowly, steadily,

until we find strength to carry on.

Maybe you’ll read this letter again,

when you need to.

I will wait with you in the meantime.

I will wait with you



Over the years we’ll come to notice

how much we’ve done,

and to humbly remember

the past Writer,

the child so quiet,

escaping to worlds in her head.

For this moment I pray

that you’ll appreciate many others

who pen words

beautifully as you—

struggle, like you.

Loneliness does not last forever.

There are voices

you have just not heard.

It’s hard, I understand,

but hopefully everything will change,

if after we say one, then two, and three.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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