Be Strong


Look at the world with hopeful eyes,

Never let them see you down,

put that razor away, put that lighter away

Don't hurt yourself anymore, please, don't frown.


I wish your depression would you see yourself

The true beauty I see:

A smile that makes the dark the brightest day

A laugh that conquers all

Eyes that have seen it all

and a hope--

Not gone, just hidden.


Life is hard, I know

Sometimes, it seems as if it won't get better

But you, yes you have the strength to get up

You can't sit there anymore

You can't let those demons win

Fight them, don't give up

You can do it if you try.


When you win, you'll see it, I promise you will

The world will seem much brighter.

Those demons you have killed?

You don't see them again, I'll make sure you won't.

Promise me you won't cut again, please, just don't.


I will always be here, regardless of what you say.

Please, just don't cut,

Don't put yourself in harm's way.


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