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On an adventure of a lifetime, in the streets of London town,

With my sister at my side, we tracked the steps of history down.

Sometimes walking, sometimes running, we tripped the days away,

Exploring all the dreams we’d dreamed, the places we could play.


And then, just in a moment, our plans all went off track -

I fell off of a sidewalk and heard my foot go ‘crack.’

The whole next day was wasted in a hard hospital chair:

I’d snapped a metatarsal twice - I faltered in despair.


My sister sat beside me, the whole long dreary day.

“Don’t worry, sis” she told me, “We’ll still have fun today.”

Despite my gloomy outlook, she brought a sunny beam,

Together we determined that this would not kill our dream.


So everything was awesome; with my sister and my crutch,

We hiked and climbed and walked and swam - we saw so very much.

And through it all, both thick and thin, my sis stood at my side.

I could not have gone without her; she gave me strength inside.


The best trip ever, we agreed, once we were back at home,

But best because we’d shared it - together, not alone.

Despite my limitations, we’d seen the world at last,

And doing so as sisters helped our sibling bond grow fast.


Do fractured bones make stronger bonds? Though some may disagree,

I love my sister even more, and she’s closer to me.

Next time I go adventuring, I hope to stay intact,

But loved ones make life awesome, and that’s a certain fact!

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


Carol McGill

A True Story.

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