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Death is knocking at my door  again tonight she says

I’m trying so hard to slam the door in his face

But each day it gets a little harder please help me

He’s been persistent comin round every night

I try to help but i don't understand her emotions and worries

Shes crying herself to sleep yet again as yet another  person walks out on her

The gates to hell open a little wider each day

Each laugh and snide comment pushes her a little closer to the edge

Next time he comes a knocking she may not slam the door

Im afraid to sleep for fear she may not be there when i wake up

Shes trying so hard to push through this nightmare and keep going

nobody sees the struggle inside my head nobody sees my pain she texts

I want to be a boy she says my name is Michael she says 

So I immediately started switching pronouns and names

At first everything seems to be going great but then he goes back to school

I hear the comments about him as we walk through the halls and die inside

One day he snaps  say he wants to die and walks out of school tears in his eyes

Death has made a valid point to him he is unhappy 

Repeatedly messaging him saying I support him and for the first time im praying

Death is trying to claim him far too early i scream at the sky  bawling  

Once again i message him and finally a response i was asleep he says

I'm so sorry I had you worried it's just too much lately life may be worth living now

you have been so very supportive and I want to live now

Feeling a little better but still concerned i sigh glad that he’s not gone yet  

I wouldn't know how to live without him and he knows it

that wasn't very hard to so please be supportive 


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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