What Is It to Be Brave?


As kids, we are brave

if we go down the slide

if we try a new food

if we jump off the high dive

if we don't cry when mom leaves on the first day of school. 

As middle schoolers, we are brave

if we volunteer first

if we run for class office

if we sing at the talent show

if we dance with our crush.

As high schoolers, we are brave

if we try out for sports

if we take our drivers test

if we stand up for what we believe

if we don't follow the crowd.

As adults, we are brave

if we succeed in college

if we fight for our country

if we bring a new person into the world

if we never stop trying.

As people, we are brave

if we fight for the rights of others as well as ourselves

if we help those who cannot help themselves

if we listen as well as we speak

if we see the truth when it is easier to belive lies. 





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