Stepping into her shoes

It's not easy I know. Going where nobody likes to go. A touchy subject that's for sure. But do you even know her? The struggles she's faced? The heartbreaks and pain? Her own mother saying "just get rid of the thing." Created by love but can she handle it? Does she even deserve it? Stepping into her shoes. You'll see the rejection. In her shoes you'll see the fear. "Can I handle a kid? Being just a kid myself?" As it grows it's harder to hide. On a daily basis she watches her mom cry. "What happened to my little girl? Where did she go?" Her father is angry with her. "What were you thinking? I thought we raised you better." Where's the boy who loved her? The one who helped make this miracle? He's long gone now. He doesn't have a second to spare her. She's alone and scared her parents barely care. They're only supporting because she's scared. She has no friends anymore. She's a stigmata. Nobody wants to have a reminder of what could happen. They use her as an example. "Have sex and you'll end up like her." It was a mistake, but one she can't take back. Can she handle this little bundle all on her own? Finding someone to help her is hard. It's harder keeping up with school. She's only seventeen. She's still just a kid. Her mother doesn't want to be in the room with her. But she's afraid, what if something goes wrong. The fear the pain. The suffering. A red A across her chest. But do you know her struggle? The one she's going through right now?  


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