Emily Scott

Mon, 08/14/2017 - 16:40 -- t4dp0l3

I will not make you a promise

That you will not feel blue

Or shake with loss or cold

Or always know what's true.

I won't tell you it's easy

That it'll always be okay

And I cannot promise comfort

On every waking day.

No promises you'll ever know

You've totally fit in

Or there'll be friend right by your side

For every time you win.

I won't promise you a story

Of conquering your fears 

Or gilded rays of glory

No loneliness, no tears.

I can't swear to your safety

Or even your success, 

Can't guarantee that when you spin,

The sun's rays will catch your dress. 

But I will promise you my friendship

My presence by your side

And that I'll always want you with me

Wherever I may hide.

I promise I will love you

Through all mistakes you make

I'd trust you with my starshine

Give you all you want to take.

You're like my little sister, 

Though I've known you for less time, 

I love you more than galaxies,

And everything that's mine. 

Through thick and thin I'll back you

Even through the darkest night

And I'll always do the best I can

To lead you to eternal light.

And when you've grown up strong enough

To save your fire from life's tide,

To take up siblings of your own,

All I'll feel is pride. 

When you're independent,

When you can stand all by yourself,

I'll still be here waiting,

Like an old book on your shelf. 

And when you have your bad days

Where you still need a crutch

I'm always here to listen

To share kind words and touch.

So come on little sister,

Let's walk along your way,

And know my promises will hold

Until my dying day. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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