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The ruling class rejects the language of the common people. They regard certain expressions as expletives and profanity. The educated fools prize academic speech and academic writing.  
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.Even when in a famished state I hunt,In pastures green and lush with abundance,He renews my spry and exuberance.
Christians beat around the bush when you ask them certain questions about the Bible. These specific questions about the Bible and Christianity require specific answers. .
These are neither rhetorical questions nor trick questions. We want the correct answers from the leaders of the churches.   1. Was Christianity founded by Jesus Christ or was it founded by his followers?
I think I always knew I was a little bit messed up in the head,   See with me being so quiet and all as a child   They’d look me in the eye  
Imagine growing up feeling broken Broken like a clock stuck at night Afraid of words that you’ve spoken Or fearful of those that you might   Imagine stealing a glimpse at redemption
Is it not true that you grew up in a community with many children of your age group? Your parents were the first persons who introduced you to verses from the Bible.
Some days When the world seems dark and empty And deep waters seem comforting I think of your figure Bare and dying On a hot day in Golgotha
sometimes i am so easily decieved I believe what i wish to be true and when the fantasies of my infancy are ripped from my grasp I weep at the feet of misbeliefs past for the comfort of lies
Some would say that men look elegant in a jacket and a necktie in church and elsewhere, But it is in fact absurd to think every man should like to wear a suit and a necktie.  
I need to feel the breeze Across my sunlit face I'm down and out and on my knees So tired of this place I beg the good Lord please Take away my sins And cleanse me through his righteousness
Why do the men in the churches trim their hair so low to show the scalp? Some Christian men shave their heads to please their religious organization .
Mother, queen, ancient one. She who gave birth to the son. Draped with the sky and a crown of stars upon your head. Your love and light chase away pain and dread. You lay beside me on my bed.
It was fortold that He would be  The one who man kind would need The one who crushed the head Of the the serpent of deceit.   He would be despised and not esteemed
I own the rod I own the staff You walk through the valley I make the path You fear no evil No shadow of death I comfort you With every breath
But I don't know much about God I know want to sit with him and his others But my existence is sin And I'll never reach what I want   Its fruitless
As soon as the rosy-lining of sun appeared, The children sprang from their homes and met at the center. Their soiled feet pounded the stone pathways, alerting the
Turn from your sins! Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven Is at hand Oh Lord, save our country From their own stupidity Their own evil They know not what they do They call us Haters
Dear God,
Untangle the strands that trap and immobilize, reach into my soul and revive Give me a breath, a breath of your life   My thoughts are ruthless but your love is relentless in pursuit of me
May 25, 2019   I cast my gaze upon the cool, crisp glass I see a glimpse, the glimmer, the shadow, a horror A face, my own, familiar, but not my own For within it I see another face
There’s a path to the house from the meadow, Leading home from the dark forest’s gloom, Well-worn by the feet of your Father, As He fought, ran, and chased after you.  
My father passes. With him, my world also fades. My life is broken.   All hope is now gone. What can I possibly have now? Jesus, my Saviour.   After a few years,
  Even if I'm not happy, Jesus will still be here. God will still hold my hand when I'm filled with fear. They still think I'm beautiful when I think I'm ugly.
We will have peace, Whether we are in Eden, Or Gethsemane.   For we will rise with the sun, And we will eat sweet fruit, From His vineyards.   We will go to the water,
1. A missionary trembles in the pulpit, exhorting you with tales of the fire of God, of kings and coals, of a man who had seen angels and thought they omened his death.
The word "fight" never seemed to apply I see its far more than what meets the eye A promise made in youth that must live when youth dies And I fight. Oh, its a front and a facade - yes, I fight!  
This is not a war story but one of victory. I can hear the freedom bells ring and my heart sings because once I was a captive now liberated by the King. But that’s just the thing I wasn’t always free.
You’re usually not that blunt. It’s usually sewn in with threads of: motherhood, divine goal, dating advice, dances, I usually just   don’t exist.  
I feel like   I'm drowning.   Lord, I need you.   Be my life jacket.   Keep me afloat.   Reach into the raging waters   And take me by the hand.  
I am you You are me We all have issues We all have strengths. So why? Why am I judged? Why do you make assumptions Pass judgement Ignore who I am.
  I want to see God like my mother does. She welcomes Christ like an old friend, and loves Him as family, but all these saints are strangers to me.  
The stars cry the hallows of heaven. They declare the name of our Creator. The thin air on the peaks of the mountains, Is the echoed glory of our Savior. The purple-black sky is the shadow cast,
There are stained glass windows illuminated by winter memories purged The dust dancing on sun colored air
ModestyIt's more than justWhat women wearI've begun to thinkWe just don't careThe sexual objectificationOf a woman's bodyReinforced by a reducedDefinition of modestyIt's about more Than just your bodyIt's about knowing your self-worthFrom your bir
The Alpha and the Omega The Beginning and the End The angels, they sing his praise  The praise of his grace and his mercy Given undeserved to sinners like me With a promise of eternity and prosperity
When it comes to self-sustain, There is no loss or gain.   Within your pit you stand, Surrounded high by your demands.   Shouting wants to the voices above,
When all of our slim hopes had been dwarfed into insignificance And all of our dreams consumed by a reckless annoyance Your voice was heard and it said something Your word came through and it changed something
A predetermined gathering One in heaven, the other earth Many voices answering Great noises call forth   He is there in both places
How is it Gods will to call a kid disgusting Just for who he loves   You tell us we are sick And that we need special help though you have no doctor's degree   You tell us how to love
it’s 2017 the closet doesn’t have a door there’s still monsters inside amongst binders and gender-neutral clothes   if you’re a millennial
Day in and out, we speak of Diversity, Commend Creativity, Condemn pure Consistency.  We dream of a world full of Abnormality, Homosexuality,  When, in Reality, 
Our holy God, our father, most merciful,This day is closing, not a perfect end…Here I approach your throne and do pretendI am not a bad person, not sinful.My hands, Lord Jesus, I present: they are full
Father, can you hear me? My heart in pain outcrying,I need redemption, I beg you, please, To calm my fear of dying. Father, I apologize;I lay my burdens down.For all the sin and all the lies, I’m sorry, I cry out.  Father, for your grace, I thank
Black man, I see the sulk in your eyes, The wrinkles, the bags of countless years of work, Trying to race ahead through the obstacles,
Screwtape, You may try to cloud my thinking Eradicate my being Snap my persona with guilt However you should know Until Eternity ends Adoni, my Master and Savior will keep me in His hand  
Different but similar, in distinct scenes Interpretations of that which is “eternal” Some of the bounded in settings infernal, Variations seen      In the beginning, man created ideas
This is our last chance to grieve Dear Lord, I was only thirteen The host of trepidation freshly forgot, You coerced forgiveness from fester and rot  
I’m from a small town, lonely and lost, my dysfunctional family, with a lost hope in humanity, growing up with so little, so little to love,
Dear God,   I’m in a funny spot I call it funny because I’m laughing out my mascara I know You’re here
In the entire history of humanitythere was but One Manwho practiced love and anmityas perfect as one can.He is better than any otherand no one could come close.He cared for me like a brother
"My Dearest Love,I come before you nowA stranger on my kneesCan something so beautifulTake interest in me?How amazed I stand before youAs I look into your eyesI'm struck-here wondering
I Love You, So…                                                                                                                                   I Love You, So I Will Be there when you are sick—
Come here, and lend your ear. For there is a word That you really must hear. If not, life would be unassured. So listen, please, I ask a favor.
Brittle dirt parts with each step Moving toward the side of the path  Growing closer to the ocean depth 100 feet down, a deadly bath   Running shoes carefully laced Gear ready to handle every step
Sure as heck wouldn't fall for that "Oh its my favouritebook & I keep it by my bedsidetrick" & gather chubby Christianflunkeys to pray over & anointa fascist idiot child,  
Why am I hiding from God? Unlike Adam and Eve, I put on a "Hello brethren, happy Sabbath" facade, instead of a fig leaf.
I heard about someone who discouraged a brother from going to seminary
Born into you, Cant escape you, There's no use running I cant even hide from you; Who convinces me that I'm not worthy, Who tells me I can't do anything, Who's love toward me
that piece of clay  that i became  so long ago  in the montains rain  crafted by God  put together again  that piece of clay  a pot filled to the brim.  that piece of clay 
I didn't think my heart could break anymore over you, But here I am wondering what to do Because every thought of you   Rips another piece away  And every time I try to pray I have no idea what to say.
My God who has given me strength,given me courage, and given me wisdom.My weakness is no more than an imaginationwhen my God has given me all I need.   Blossoms of memories and bouquets of lovedelivered to me from loved ones.And so much gracedeliv
You are on the Road, the Road gets you to where you need to be. It does not matter how many potholes you hit. It does not matter how narrow the Road appears.
There was a then and there is a now, the past allows To walk a life of fire, blinded by tempations and desire. Tiny speck of light in the dark shines through,
  As things begin to slip, They drip around the sides And glide into places almost forgotten.   The grand piano breaks
Dirt and shame were my middle names Only saw brown in the reflection Couldn’t stop the streams from falling A broken heart all I felt
Gentrification gettin’ into this nation;Historically segregation, Killin’ kids, lit in flames and;Rioting makes it hasten, and racists make the hatred;It’s wicked and dangerous, we livin’ in hades;
Your love has wrapped around me, like a quilt fabricated of the never-ending world, There is a song that you sing, a voice soft as silk, and sweet as honey, My fathers arms have held me tight,
Why must we feel heartbreak? From where does it come? I assure you this: It doesn’t come from above But rather from evil with malicious intent First pleasure, then pain and spiritual torment  
God. A being we can never fully grasp without His help. One who brings us joy and emotion. He who first felt pain and sorrow
I hear all these voices shouting, filling my head yelling, proclaiming: GOD IS DEAD. I will not be silent, I will not be ashamed, because the very God that knows my name
I look upon His beaten and bloody face, For there I see the evidence of my disgrace, Rivulets of Life stream down His body, King of Kings Who came to save humanity from it's own calamity.
As my alarm rings I lay snug in my bed Bound in my blankets I wish I was dead. The world outside my house is strangled in fear. I'm quite warm and rested; I'd rather stay here.
Waking up every day I know that I am saved from yesterdays sins that might have carried my heart away. He keeps me going, my energy flowing, and happiness He keeps on showing.
You see I knew the man, but not the message.Now I know the man and the message.The message is not in the magazines full of airbrushed models.That tell me everything that is wrong with my exterior.The message is that "I am fearfully and wonderfully
Sometimes, life can feel a little slow A lot of people are only worried about one thing. Dough. Sometimes this makes you happy But more times than not, it makes you snappy. I, however, like to focus on my life
A cloud of Turmoil Stress can just soil Positive Hopes Left Unsurfaced All the Dark Weather is  Just of Satan's Teather To Pull you in the  Sand that quicks the Despair of life that Creaks
A cloud of Turmoil Stress can just soil Positive Hopes Left Unsurfaced All the Dark Weather is  Just of Satan's Teather To Pull you in the  Sand that quicks the Despair of life that Creaks
Bullets pierce the LGBTQ community  daily.   We saw the life stealing bullets in Orlando, but we forgot the spirit breaking bullets in our words.   My parents taught me about their lives.
Music is the poetry to my heart. The melody and the beat are what resonate within me. When I write my own poetry
silent breaking, day by day against my will, I run away afraid of those I used to trust one breath away from giving up   Hope seems but a vague memory
I do this for JesusSo I am His warrior,He redeemed us,So I am His soldier. 
That Book That book.That bookthey saidHe said. E’vrythingwe needed toknow beforeHe was Dead. saveour souls.
This day in particular  Was really quite gray The guy next to me sighed Hey, you okay?   I replied that I was fine I gesured him to go away  Yet, he wiped the tears from my eyes 
I found god in a bloody field of wheat, face down with ichor stained chains around his wrists, throat, ankles, and abdomen   He was handsome in the face
Sitting in a sunlit room, I ponder how to begin   Words seem to distance themselves From me after So long a space I filled with nothing more than Wounded doubts  
As I stand here on this nightand look way up aboveI see God's heavens in my sightAnd I'm overwhelmed with love To picture such a marvelous placeFilled with love and peaceFull of eternal life and spaceWhere His love shall never cease All of which I
As I stand here on this nightand look way up aboveI see God's heavens in my sightAnd I'm overwhelmed with love To picture such a marvelous placeFilled with love and peaceFull of eternal life and spaceWhere His love shall never cease All of which I
The comfort in my soul comes from inside and above My comfort travels through simple days in life Comfort reflected by smiles and joyful faces
I didn’t want to wake up. I wanted to play dead Being blind and not even knowing it Daily activities going through life in a daze Running, always chasing trying not to be caught
Why me? Empty, and alone Stripped of my skin with my core exposed. I thought it was a dream, when the screams wouldn’t stop When my skin felt too hot When my eyes got too wide
I'll express this today That beauty in the world comes to me seemingly so quickly At least until I feel like everyone in the possible known universe is ticked at me I'll express this today
Without my Bible I become more fragile With no wisdom There is no system A child with no direction A man with no intentions
Dazzled in wealth with milk and honey flowing, I look to my face   Silk from head to toe no corn in my row but my emotions have no place   at the mountain top, success on the clock with no sense of direction
Remember mommy, how we would smile at rainbows? Seeing them reminded both of us, that the gray color of uncertainty Has parted.
Here I am, Sitting, standing, wondering how I got here.  All alone I am. The crashing of the waves and the sand between my toes. This is how it goes. I have one thing, and one thing only.
Hope I can’t live without the hope that it will get better I can’t live without the hope that someday I’d be free As a feather Floating in the wind without a limit Or a Header
all around me all i hear organized sound in my ear analogous to his love hope within me peace thereof  
What can't I live without What I can't  breathe about  Breathe to the understanding of my own self What I can't  live without What i can't  eat without Eat without the comfort in my own shell
(Breath in Breath out). My sanity has reached its brink I take this time to sit here and think Deep thoughts Maybe even weak thoughts
I find it peculiar That the patients in God's hospital look familiarI feel like this is Alcatraz, a display of the insaneThe asylum has no change, am I to blame?Same first-world suburb issues that could be easily forgottenAnd why does God's undefi
Where I see no path, You clear the way. I am in a constant blizzard, a tundra, wandering aimlessly. Nothing but falling snow clouds my vision. But You, Lord, take this vagabond and leads her.   
"The last stand was made here Where life drained the hills The last stand was made here Where many were killed The last stand was the last Though he did not stand  He was hung on a cross
The pastor began his sermon as he did every time Reading from a devotional that he found online  As far as pastors go, he really wasn't very good  He tried to explain things he himself never understood
Innocent to the earth Blemished before the judge Blameless since birth Isolated to the grudge   Two value systems Perceive and Review Man's disease and symptoms Whether true or askew
See the thing about God is... People You, me, he, she, I, they, we... People love to forget their own purpose. Love to live in the bliss or ignorance,
The world may be a dark sky But God you're still my bright light. You shine through the gray, like the sun shines in May.  
The Painting of Life by Tristen Reese There are different paths in life; yet life is like a maze. You make lefts, you make rights ... but are you making decisions that are winning.
Standing on the edge on the brink; Chaotically confused. Tears fall faster than you can catch them. Loud inner voices make it hard to think. Your fears and reality have fused.
I woke up early this morning expecting a hair client.
I've always been a believer.. I used to believe I needed to be inhebriated to appreciate the things that he's created.  
Amazing Awesome Adonai Author of my life Author of Eternal Salvation And one with Jesus Christ   Creator and consuming fire Spirit of love and peace Who does not faint and does not tire
Recently I found out that a bible study made up of a few girls from my school discussed at one of their meetings how I am a hypocrite, because I say I am a christian, I say I believe in the words of the bible, but I also, quite loudly, o
Rain on me, why don't you world Break my heart and give me peril Falling rain, like teardrops from my eyes Soak me in tragedy and pain Take it back, you can't 
I wonder everyday what words to use to make you listen to what I have to say  And if these words are the right ones to make your understand  I wonder everyday if my words even make you care
This forgotten world, we are a
When did everyone's problems become mine? A week before, I was just a friend and not a counselor I was a kid with a smile and shoulder to offer
Three days Two feet One God Whole world
In every life There is a gate Beyond the gate There is a road With many twists And turns it goes Where it stops Only dead ones know   There is help On the side
What pain we dealt, before we felt
So hard to wait
You said
Surrounded by Lies 
I feel so alone
Though the Darkness surrounds
Alone, I chased after my own desires,
The Devil is trying to knock me down The Devil is intimidated by my mental But God says I’m the talk of the town There is something about me that’s elemental
I'm not inspired by earth's lovely things the birds, the trees, the autumn breeze.  
With ease I walk         in the confidence of my Lord. His peace I stalk,         for alone I cannot afford. I see His beauty         in all of His creations. As Christians it's our duty
Guarded by scales   
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gabriel. My friends call me Gabe. And my father, well he hardly calls me at all. How's that for subtle? Please don't feel sorry for me.
The world was like a
What is my mission? How can I inspire? I want to make a difference, but I’m just so tired.
As I grew up, I was a boy and I did not care and I did not know. The way I was living was just an average life. All through school, my friends were your average losers.
I prayed for the patience to wait for you and finally here you stand
  Do not try to invade my thoughts; my cross is too heavy to bear... Just listen when I need to express them, & I will make you fully aware!   Ill let you into my life, and all to me that is real; I will open up my heart and tell you how I...
"Forgiveness settles it all" they say
He called them to the sea A boundless tempest raging Those of little faith witnessed it made still Iēsus Nazarēnus, Rēx Iūdaeōrum Made still for the faithful to come   Without the storm
A fear that cannot be tamed An evil that cannot be forsaken A scream that cannot be heard   These are the demons Who haunt us every day Who taunt the sanctity of salvation
I am. Loved, that is. They don't always say it, They mayn't always show it, And I mightn't always feel it, But it's there. He's there.
When the time gets tough Seems like there's no light  to shine, You will be alone at the darkest night. But there's always stars that shine with bright light, And when you look at them, see the shining light!
  The only time I believed in you,
I was raised a southern butt To embrace the good and the rest cut I put labels on people based on their actions Gossiper, bully, drugee, had an abortion, Slut, alcoholic, prideful, and a sinner
I hold my tongue because it’s proper, And back out because I’ll lose. I’m frightened at the idea, That the world will hate my views.  
The Lord gave me a heart for the hurting Allowed me to enjoy opportunities of which I wasn’t always deserving Endowed me with the power of spiritual discernment Enabled confidence to generate a lyrical disturbance
Not that vice should be to one
To my fellow children of light 
There is a lot of flaw In an adolescent girl Leading a women’s ministry, Judged by the world.   There is a lot of sadness In an adolescent girl Motivating others, Smiling at the world.
I haven't always been this way I remember better days
Sin is produced from the heart, and it pulls God and I apart, Yet we still ask God to listen to our heart. We seem to only go to God in the midst of trouble, Those moments when our sin points seem to double,
Guilt is like a stain on a sweater
The other me is someone only seen by few, Someone not as corageous or as sure of what to do. Inside I'm scared of letting others down, Scared of rejection or the real me to be found.
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil." (Psalm 23:4)
Have it all from my head to my feet no matter how tall reach up and take me I am yours you are mine the God who changed water to wine even in a blink of an eye
I watch my life slip away,
I have walked under the stars with Gods voice rolling in my mind. He spoke words I hated to hear as I boiled in rage and writhed in pain at the reality of His leading me to healing.
I have a dream:That I will love you forever.And by forever,I do not just mean my time in Earth,But also my time In heavenWhen I kneel at your feet,In praise and glory,
Just one more hit. Everyone else is stoned and wasted beyond help. Sorry God, I tried to contain myself. Uh, what's that over there? Someone brought ecstasy!   Cool, man.
I can see a city,
The greatest blessing      Is also the very curse
i'm nowhere near theAlpha and Omega, whohas made all to come.
Hush little girl, and rest in me
There once was a man Who laid under an old sicamore tree He was young but wise And seen good in Gods eyes He'd nod and wave Whenever one called his name  He'd never pout 
A Father's Love;
To walk into your lightAn enchanting embrace of lo
-I walk into the restaurant tightly holding onto my Father's hand. All around, I see other guys.
-There I was.
-It was all fun and games.
I find it hard to live in the world I am in.
Living to Live Again Born to us on Christmas Day, Knowing he would leave in a cruel way.  He grew up with only one goal in mind, Spreading the word to all mankind.
Of the darkest nightswhen pain and tears are sheded,there is always hope.
Through the Holy GatesHe hears our prayersand tries to help us.
They say Life is the Eternal Job But what is Life’s main action but to Rob Daily we see homeless people on the streets struggling and searching for something to eat How can you just bare to stand
The work we are told to do Isn't restricted to just a few It's endowded upon all the believers  To make sure we get the word to all the recievers But what we do is not that
Sometimes, the world gets so powerful It's like standing on the edge of the ocean during high tide And getting swept into the dark abyss of sin right before your eyes Caught and tangled in the lies of this Earth
It's not healthy, I know  Like I'm just putting on a show  Writing rhymes to forget  That I am very sick.    Maybe something's not right  This worsening plight 
We're all the rap-chattle of the world The odds and ends of broken finger bones and type-cast surfaces.  Men and women from every walk of life Welcome here to the ragged masquerade.
Living in
They said it’d be a change And it wouldn’t be easy; Living a life like this Isn’t a joyride. I didn’t expect it to be But I also thought I was stronger than this.  
Society seems in a mess Mothers cry, while Fathers stress to be polite is a disgrace as children mock you to your face   drugs and sex aren't hard to find it seems as if the worlds gone blind
God, I just want to know your plan. I want to be able to count the number of setbacks I will have on my fingers. I want to know if my heart will still have to endure more pain. I want to know if I'll get divorced too.
my scars tell me  you're too much  you'll never be enough  you're not pretty enough  you're never going to be good enough  and for awhile I let my scars define me 
If God made me, and he makes no mistakes, then I am not a mistake. I must live like I am not a mistake, and make the most out of life as a Christian. All that I’m living for now, will it be here tomorrow?
I'm weak in the flesh.Though my spirit is so willing Jesus!Sanctify me, this total depravity.
People use scripture for every argument, With hate and vigor It seems they're incompetent of showing love.   The simple truth: Everyone's a sinner And we're all hypocrites.
Sword bent  Heart damned  Salvation all but spent Spirit slammed God has left and went What is to spare Alone and never blameless My soul wont dare  Walk on in disgrace 
I look around only to find Sixteen year olds are pregnant, Twelve year olds are getting high.   Innocent people are getting shot And teens are committing suicide,
If not today, then someday. I want to be the modern day Shakespeare. I wanna wake up with my heart pounding because my job gives me a rush of adrenalin, for I know my job would leave a long lasting cultural impact.
We live in a dark, dark world. This world is full of hatred and sadness. We live in a world that is spiraling towards its doom. We live in a world that needs Jesus.  Jesus shows the way-- Jesus lights the way.
Just one job, just one life. The attempt to erase pain, the attempt to end strife. It's time for my dream to become a reality, It's time to step out and let God use me.
Believe in G
 The Seeing Man, A chaste man displaced, Saunters through life Without a single expression On his pallor white face.   The Seeing Man Never utters a cross word He feeds the hungry
Religion by Dillon A poem on how people should change the way they think. I would change religion. So many are caught in its lies. Religion is something I despise. It tells man to work for perfection
I don't want an affair; I want a wife
       Oh God                                                     
I watch over the world From my throne above the clouds Watching the people pass by As if they think I'm not around   They question my existance Their words pierce my heart Why can't they see
You say you know the truth, but whereAre facts in your storyJust here and there, there’s not much thereJust eyes that won’t see
I’m tired of hearing the word“Christian”I don’t want to hear about yourChristianity,I want to see it.
You’re afraid Your stone heart is being pulled away, This bruised thing you held on to when all else had gone astray You feel yourself break, But remember how gray your life was And even just in one moment
In Jesus, there is joy.
Please tell me that we haven't become Mindless conformities made to match; to blend in, to mask who we really are.   Why do we follow so closely this pattern of mediocrity?
The problem with us modern day Christians is that we've lost how to finish
I wrote this poem  because of a journal entry I wrote entitled--"Entries from an agnostic." T
When I'm alone I turn to Him. When my heart's all gone
The Child of Darkness The Child of The Night Searching though Darkness Searching through The Night   Hunting for Brightness
Love is not cantankerous, nor aloofness It is not easily provoked nor angered Love is not pugnacious, nor stubbornness It is not self-seeking, nor self-centered
Here at the bottom of the pile we lay,With nothing but words, at the end of the day.Words we say to ourselves with pride.Words to the world which have already died.
  From Genesis to Revelation He’s held me at high elevation.   From listening to the Word and going to church I’ve read my Bible and did my research.  
  God is my strength to him I belong. He will never leave me nor forsake me, Therefore I will never be alone.   He will always be there, just call on his name
Dead man walking Sentened by the boss Look who's talking Sorry for the loss Dead man walking   We'll get there somehow But where are we now?   Let's get rolling
A practically endless stream of copies lines the shelves at just about every store we can think of.It’s printed so very often.By so many different publishers.
Something told me to take a walk.  I listened.  I grabbed the dog and out we went Down to the woods where the wild things live.
  I used to be So beautiful And now whenever I look My face is all crinkled up And soggy beyond repair   And my heart feels So Heavy
Are you alone? Are you cold? Are you empty? Are you  sad, confused, worthless and angry? Are you frustrated? Are you scared? Scared of the world, your future success,
Dear God, give me guidance Please just take this walk with me For I've lost sight of you, and the Devil is all I see. Lord, I'd rather be blind Than witness nothing other than lies.
Teaching her that if she doesn’t love Jesus-Live Jesus, She’ll burn in hellAnd that if it’s not your way, It’s no way. That you don’t want her if she messes upIt ain’t gonna help her when she’s pregnant 
Dark, unsure where I was going  scared from not knowing which way up the stream of life I was rowing constantly mowning from sickness, my mom is a witness no money to buy food but plenty to get drunk with 
Your out of line And God said to get out of line.   Are you too blind? You are no longer bound Bound by material things!   Yet tears come to your eyes, Cause your soul is dyed.
Can I wisp over the mountains, Like the thin streams of mist? Might I whistle through the pines, With the wind's quiet hiss?
What was it you were thinking?That fateful day you leapt,out of those burning towers,as we all looked on... and wept.
Now I could just leave you out of the listthat I madeof princessesOr decide to giveyour princess to youas an ironic thinglike saying,here ‘princess’you self-righteous brat
It's the beauty all around, that calls sweetly to deaf ears. Persisting that it's presence be found, but not many hear. A voice melodic, story hypnotic, with love and sadness intermingled. Eternal love and freedom began with strife.
I stopped talking to godwhen I was 15because your eyes seemed softerthan oak church pews.
For it is not I that speaks of love, It is not I that vocalizes the words in a praise or hums to a song. The creation of this earth was not by my hands or the living creatures scattered on this planet.
I peer into your eyes,they quaver and fillbig, somber: greenthey overflow and spill. The tears thunder down your cheekslike the towers in the daythey crash and they screamfaster than anyone can pray. Your flushed cheeks utter gaspsof horror and pa
At five years old, I hardly understood The tragedy that had just occurred. I vaguely remember my kindergarten teacher Frantically racing from one room to another Desperately trying to gather information
There is no taste There is no sight There is no smell There is only light                 I do not sleep                 Nor do I awake                 I sit, I wonder
       I'm lost in these rivers of peace, Hope swelling and gushing through every pore within me, Love dragging me down in the currents. When His grace oh the unfailing grace sends me drifting up to the shore, And who awaits me there?
I search for you. Stumbling, crawling, in the unforgiving dark, With no map, no light to guide me home, I am simply a fool refusing to admit she’s alone, Eventually I stop and just sit,
I used to believe in 11:11 wishes,  Used to dream of midnight kisses,  I believed in these things and much more,  But all that was in a time long, long, before,  Before the boy ripped at my chest, 
Not A Fan By: Riley Zopp Existing only in the stands Artificial, incompetent, an imitation I want to be used to help our Nation
The pain of being in sin is greater than the pain of being disciplined. 
 I want to sleep...I really do. He's calling just beyond the avenue. Tight curb, love in the low life suburbs. Patiently waiting for me.Sich schminken to hide a brutally gentle tide.
Modestic Elegence.
Hail Mary, full of grace Keep me safe in your embrace When did life become this race of who could wear the shortest skirts and tightest shirts
       He rose again, to raise me up.His light was sufficient;His source was illuminated.          Spectrums exposed in between tree leavesFocusing on every point of the Earth;Every being, every chloroplast, every poreSoaked up His life.        Th
A man came from His throne to give life to those who should've been left alone The Light of the World that some had never even known A Father giving up His only child to a planet so lost
i am a selfish being, with words that amount to nothing but between the lines you will find i am a crack within the human race.and for so long i begged for you to speak loud enough to hear.
Momma, don't you feel the water? The water that drips all day? Momma, it pours harder, It will not go away, I haven't read the Bible, Don't recall the date, But it's when I was stronger,
Gambling is a sin, so never begin, Money madness makes it more maniacal, Stacks against itself the odds of real success, It should see it’s blessed, learn to rest well, Don’t send yourself to hell,
Feeling ashamed of what i have become Not wanting to look back to my past running away from the only light there is stuck in darkness and not wanting to get out finding a savior is my only option
Welcome to the lost city, a gathering place for broken souls everyone is lonely here but that seems to be the path we were bound to go, but oh no, we will never let it show, ask us how we are doing and we will say we're good to go.
With dirty hands and a torn up heart I kneel, waiting for good-bye Instead, I see tears in Your eyes, And welcoming, outstretched arms. I hear Your cries, "Come back to me my child, "My Beloved!"
Happiness for eternity Fly up where Angel's sing Or down with Satan With pain worse than death can bring Salvation I choose For I cannot live without Devil taunts me
  Life is hard, it is a battlefield. I’ve had cannons balls thrown at me, but I kept going wanting to make my family proud
You.You think you want me outta your life?We both know that's a lie.Sure I'll give some space to fly.But without me long, you die.This is our complicated relationship.  Face it.
You.You think I don't know you,But you are as wrong as hell.You, I know all too well.This is true you can tell.I don't need to speak the obvious,The hidden person beneath the mask is you.
  It starts with a bang that goes around my head as I try to work hard and get my daily bread but I'm mislead as my face soon turns red
In a church, in a house, in a town, in a state We are just visitors no matter how long we stay. And when they start to ask questions, we pull away. We know that they won’t understand us, no matter what they say.
You got me thinking Of what’s out there and what’s inside You got me thinking Of how we came to be alive You got me thinking Of whether we contain a soul You got me thinking
My body is weak, my mind is strong determination will peak at the highest throng Pushing and weaving through the crowd praying someone will be kind but everyone is loud with an unsound mind
They say the walls have ears, isn’t that the truth, cuz I can hear her tears from the other side of this room, from the other side of this wall, yea I can hear it all, see I know how her loneliness her soul consumes, how she must feel so ugly on t
His Harmonica he played, sweet melody, music reached out to me like sun rays, penetrating my skin on a summer day, and I observed from a distance, not too far away, an old man with gray hairs, running down the sides of his face, an old coat he wor
They say mirrors don’t lie, but do they tell the whole truth? Can they see the inside, do they reflect the real you? A princess once asked, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” The mirror replies,
It’s a thick pain coming from within my chest, my heart is crying out, wanting this torment to end, my womanhood I defend, as I feel the lump in my breast, as my fingertips I press against, the reason for my stress, and depressed is not the word,
I inhale, Smoke fills my lungs. Leaving behind a bitter sweet taste on my tongue. Bitter poison but sweet relaxation. Absorbing into my bloodstream my own condemnation. I try to fight it, but too strong is the temptation
Indifference blinds my generation with ignorance, it’s a lack of concern, of attention and lack of interest, for other people, for life, and for God in every sense.
Age eighteen.
This is a message to my generation; it seems we’re falling into condemnation, subtly but surely losing our concentration, losing our determination to seek God and witness His manifestation in our lives, too busy with our infatuation with TV, video
Give Up - Richard Matthews
In a field full of dandelions, you grab me and say "love me or love me not", you throw a long stemmed flower at me and questionably ask "lets see!?". As I pick through the petals and I jokingly shout "love you not!!",
Rolling, forested terrain hides lights from d i s t a n t estates. Vivid, powerful stars reign above. A moonlit garden leads to a grove of trees, rustling with the night breeze. It seems to
When the others shut their eyes, I kept mine open. I thought about what it would be like to be minuscule, to climb on the statues in church. I thought about what could happen to make me stop kneeling. I always knew I was
God, what I really need to confess is this... It's all the things that I have planned that I can't afford to miss When times get hard and days are rough I must confess, sometimes you aren't enough.
God made us even, He says we're all the same, He tells us to love another, Each and every passing day.
Soul Inflicted, By a bittersweet Christian. Exchanging all good for the Sinful Addiction. Try to do right, but their world is still Sink-ing, Not knowing that all they have to do is just give-in.
Jesus is my hero, My hope, My Heavenly Father. Jesus is my love, My life, My Living Water. Jesus is my passion, My patience, My Prince of Peace.
I have a voice. I have a voice that often toys with the idea of being loud, and like chips ahoy, which turned out to be cookies instead of chips, I’d expose my past shyness as simply a decoy.
You are there for me when I am crying, And in you I console. You support me in my time of need, When I require reassurance. You comfort me in my tragedies, When I can’t find another friend.
If I could ask one question of my Lord How would I pick from all I do not know? What is the meaning behind His Word? If I could ask one question of my Lord How did he think to create the world?
Clandestinely cascading-- The entire, pitiful, centerfold That I consider to be a sympathetic heart
Thought I could make it without you Thought I would be ok Going at it alone Started my journey out into the world But things got hard With no friends or family by my side I broke down
the rich fighting fish finds its reflection, like a brother’s forked electrical outlet that sent vibrations down his asking arm. we have it all but find ourselves unsatisfied.
'dip shits love God'
I could not imagine life without you; Though I never see you, I know your still there. In my heart I can feel you, My soul aches for your loving care.
Have we lost it?
I don't know if I will ever be able to describe you in the way I truly experience you. When I think of you, I lose the words. I can only feel them. I know you aren't meant for me.
What if the harmony of saints and sinners / Broke in moments o’er passing of bread? / Temporal and shallow, this generation envisage / Martyrdom, not white but red /
Do not run. Walk. Do not yell. Talk. These somber expressions They haunt me my nights, to make perfect impressions, to have the right opinion, the right clothes, the right smile,
This world gives me a feeling of starkness So many places growing with darkness Setting that place on fire Cause Lord need for you is dire It's so dark they're becoming blind
I was once lost, Unnoticed in the crowd, Never knew who I was, But now I am found. I was floating through the days Wondering where I would go, My soul was in a haze But you brought me home.
A being but not of flesh He is existence He is truth He is all The melody he sings Graces the ears Like honey the tongue A fresh current sprung Spreading, reaching, growing, flowing—unheard
He holds my heart within his hands Bending, Molding, all to plan Sometimes it hurts, but he always works. The black is now out of my heart, leaving a hole for a new start I feel all empty, sad and alone
Your love for me is everlasting, second chances only you are casting Seeking for love all I got was lust, as time past my heart will rust Despite my past you are still grasping, unto me while I was still dancing
With Christ by my side, I will find my home. As long as he is in my heart, I shall never be alone.
With a new school year, a new start, but friends depart. And we’ve led our whole lives together, but suddenly we’re taking different paths from each other.
A book of an aunt Who no longer is here Turn the pages Listen Do you hear them cry? Torn and worn down but still prized most This book that is broken It tells a tale of sleeping beauty and her prince
There is something inside of each of our souls- this desire for the things that will destroy us. We crave to behave in ways that leave scars.
I’d give anything to see you face. King of Kings, I can’t believe you took my place. It’s just by grace, that I can stand here and share my faith. Cuz all the praise belongs to the son. The cause of battles won
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