The Song of Silence

Music is the poetry to my heart.

The melody and the beat are what resonate within me.

When I write my own poetry

I am the only one who hears the drums and the rhythms of the letters.

For I do not know the true language of music.

The notes and their purpose elude me and slip from my grasp.

Yet I still write for my own satisfaction.

I do not let this language barrier deter me from my passion.

I sing in silence to the words I write.

And I write it all for Him.

That is when I write my most heartfelt songs.

My own Psalms and hymns to the Lord.

Others may not understand the gravity of these jumbled words,

But I know He does and that is all that matters.

So I sing to Him in blessed silence.

By letting the words on my paper do all the talking.

I can hear Him in the silence when I sing.

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