Have We Lost It?

Sun, 04/21/2013 - 19:16 -- ntroh01

Have we lost it?

Christians forgetting to pray
Wrapped up in their own sexual play
Praying, saying we are in an age of the wise
But women can determine the fate of the unborn under the knives
Murder was a crime back in 75
But now we arrive at a time of where choice derives
What do we have that justifies the way we’re livin’ our lives
Have we lost it? Again, I ask you, Have we lost it?

Youth groups specifically for homosexual teens
Encouraging these teens to live out their pleasuring needs
Caught up in the moment rather than fixing the problem,
America has middle schools handing out condoms.
Statistics shows it: The consequence is
More than a million girls pregnant in their adolescence
Have we lost it?

Now I’ve heard the saying, “You cant spell crap without rap”
But as a matter of fact society, this rap is all your crap
Why do secular progressers get the last word
And the Christians hide in a corner and act like theyre scared?

We need to rise for the lives of us who are in Christ
And fight for the cries of America as it dies

Evolution, astrology
Pollution, scientology
Are the center of a world lost in pornography
Greed for the green
The signs we see
Are America going down in history
As an ignorant nation,
One to be- buried in a pile of false philosophies.
The government says we’re a democracy
But we’ve taken the wrong definition of liberty

Suicide is a solution when it comes to depression
Its no question why we’re balancin’ on the edge of recession.
Inflation is the reason so many people are going insane
But this nation is so lost in its name, “Land of the free,”
Don’t forget about the Passout game.

Mention creation and you’re placed on probation
The translation? Keep concentration off of salvation
This generation is lost in the temptation of:
Masturbation, molestation and miscommunication.
There is no limitation in the manipulation of any situation.
The explanation? We’re taught to believe in pragmatic nation-
That the government holds our instant gratification.
We place glorification on westernization
And desperation for a one world organization.
Would you like a simplification?
We’ve lost it, dear society, We’ve lost it.

We used to be known as a country of wealth,
But we’ve gone so far
We’re a country of self!
We keep picking the wrong battles
And changing our foundations
America is rattled
No longer a Christian nation
As impossible as it seems
In the times of our greatest need
America returns To the Father who never leaves
Suffocated from our own pressure
Crushed under our own decisions
We cry out, “God where are you!”
But in the end, we create our own incisions
We’ve lost it - But with God, everything can be forgiven.

He says “Knock and the door will open”
"Seek and you will find"
The greatness that is found in Him
Is like nothing that can be described.
It may be lost, but it’s not forgotten
Perplexed, but not forsaken
For the Lord is almighty
And He cannot be shaken

Turn back to your King, America
Remember your First Love
There’s a future that's stable awaiting
Something you can cling to and take hold of.



hope you like :-)

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