Transformation Tuesday

I was raised a southern butt

To embrace the good and the rest cut

I put labels on people based on their actions

Gossiper, bully, drugee, had an abortion,

Slut, alcoholic, prideful, and a sinner

You can see why I was not exactly a friend winner.

I lost them all.


At home, I dealt with domestic violence

Which led to self image issues ever since

My mom told me I looked pregnant

Guess size 6 was too big but

Being hit was absolutely the worse

I rather desired to ride around in the back of a hearse

I felt like I had nothing at all.


I started going to church with my boyfriend

And I gained all these people that I could call "friend"

I saw the love they had for me

Was the God whom they could easily see.

I listened and later believed

And became grafted onto that Roman tree.


It is His blood that makes me flawless.

It is His blood that makes me new.

I now know there is no Catholic nor Baptist,

Gentile nor Jew,


Democrat nor Republican,

Iraqi nor American,

Red nor Brown,

Black nor white,



So although I still may struggle with sin,

I now know that He makes me flawless within.


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