Beyond the Gate

In every life

There is a gate

Beyond the gate

There is a road

With many twists

And turns it goes

Where it stops

Only dead ones know


There is help

On the side

To lean upon

When troubles abound

Some are traps

From them You must hide

Only then

Can the right path

Be found


There are signs

Along the road

Leading off

To other streets

On many roads

There is hate

And other evil

You don’t want to meet


Ask for guidance

Seek the truth

Knock and the door

Will open for you

Walk your journey

Tread it well

Avoid the roads

That lead to hell


Don’t suffer

What isn’t required

Accept and be saved

From the fires

Follow the road

To the end

Through the narrow gate

To Heaven within

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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