You obviously love me not...

In a field full of dandelions, you grab me and say "love me or love me not",
you throw a long stemmed flower at me and questionably ask "lets see!?".
As I pick through the petals and I jokingly shout "love you not!!",
smiling ear to ear, I peel off every delicate petal and you state that you love me.
I fall into a obis of flowers, weeds and grass,
you kiss me, I couldn't let the moment pass.
I've never seen a better night like this,
you sent me into a heavenly bliss.
We lie in the beautiful wild weeds and made love for hours,
I couldn't believe how you made me feel,
you made me believe we would never go sour.

Then, one night you came running to my house,
with five terrible words, you wrecked my world.
"I'm not in love with you" was the worst of my fears,
and I couldn't believe what was going through my ears.
I gasp a great sigh and run for the door,
five simple words and the tears began to pour.
I had given my innocence to someone who could careless at all,
just in those few moments, I'd realized how not to fall.
Falling for someone who could give a damn,
maybe that's why God said save yourself for the right man.
And just like that I'd broken a commandment,
God will always forgive someone who's willing to repent.
But what has been taken from me will never return,
and in his conscious I hope that will burn...

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A guy that does you wrong


a guy that does you wronggggg

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