The Seeing Man


 The Seeing Man,

A chaste man displaced,

Saunters through life

Without a single expression

On his pallor white face.


The Seeing Man

Never utters a cross word

He feeds the hungry

And heeds quiet voices

That are thought to be unheard.


The Seeing Man,

Though a peaceful threat to many,

Knows all hopes and ambitions,

Hindrances and burdens.

His knowledge is uncanny.


The Seeing Man

Then grazes a man recently divorced.

His wife lied for his house and money.

She yanked their kids from him as he sobbed

And yet she feels no remorse.


The Seeing Man

Wipes a tear from his eye

And gives the man a hopeful pat

He lets the man know his kids still love him

And he doesn’t have to die.


The Seeing Man

Not much later,

Spots a lonely woman on the corner.

Her lights are shut off, her son is hungry,

Words cannot describe her anger.


The Seeing Man

Brushes past and brings peace to her heart

“Don’t worry” he whispers

“A safe, paying job is coming,

You’ll get your fresh start.”


 The Seeing Man

Arrives at a dark deserted place

He recalls the things he knows

And the tears begin to stream

Despite the calm smile on his face.


The Seeing Man

Feels the drug-addicted hopeless highs

As he strings himself up.

He remembers the stinging skin of the abused

And shakes as he recalls their rejected cries


The Seeing Man

Knows what he must do.

On his shoulders he holds the sorrow of the world.

The Seeing Man knows he must die for them

To truly begin anew. 



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