To my fellow children of light 

Walking a walk 
And fighting a fight
There is an ever jarring
Which is never redeeming and ever tense 
It looms as a fog in the spirits of the saints
Leaving the soul with harmful taints
It is a vanity
A proclamation of the inescapable insanity of self elevation to make the enunciation of me, myself, and I known.
And how do we do it brothers? 
Having become constricted by this weed as we have grown
Have we forgotten that enlightened Pharisees are no better than well meaning heresies 
And in contrast to those who know carelessly the things of God 
Yet worship feeling as a warming fraud
These are those who are puffed to the max
Awaiting to go and to seek and to tax 
All who don't have the required brains
Thus they let love wash down the drains
And in the sewers of man's heart there lies
To his never arrived surprise 
Beauty and hope and purpose
All abandoned and forever worthless
Because man felt justified by what he knew
So the knowledge eventually evaporated into nothing
The water flowed to the ocean unvoyageable   
Without disdain and without control 
Knowledge was worshipped 
Like the ideals you pursue
Check your heart oh sinner 
Will He say, "I never knew you.”
Quote your verses 
speak them loud
Let all witness to your heart so proud
And ironic as it may be 
come to see
that God only graces those
who walk in humility
Quote your theology and your doctrine
“Once saved always saved”
as an excuse to justify your discipline
of those you look down upon
Truly they don’t agree so they must be wrong.
If your knowledge makes you better than the heathens and crooks
Then why aren’t we evangelizing to the textbooks?
Quote your heart that’s what He’ll do
He will shows the idols of self you’ll rue
For knowledge means little to nothing of value
If it is the extent of all your pursuits 
Compare yourself to all dead man 
With your exalted platform to reprimand 
And when you bow your knees so boldly
you will find to know that God only gives His grace to the lowly.


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