Wed, 04/09/2014 - 03:27 -- ezer
my scars tell me 
you're too much 
you'll never be enough 
you're not pretty enough 
you're never going to be good enough 
and for awhile I let my scars define me 
I let them become me 
I become a whirlwind of too much, all the time 
my life was my testament 
me trying to say I'm not, but just proving I was 
letting my life be too much and never enough 
letting it show I was afraid of not being good enough
but good enough for what 
for the people around me, letting their lives spiral like mine 
for the people I would meet, who had no business defining me 
for myself, a whirlwind trying to cover up my faults and declare my worth 
but my worth is not in actions
 my worth is actually not mine at all 
there is a hand on my shoulder 
steering me to truth 
showing me who I am 
I am not actions, I am not deeds
I am not my scars 
I am not the lies they have inscribed on my heart. 
I am enough and I am worthy 
because a man died on a cross for me 
so that I didn't have to be condemned by my actions
but so I was set free when he rose from His grave 3 days later 
I had value two thousand years ago 
my sin was paid for before I even fell into the enemy's trap
a man came and shared his message 
of love of redemption of salvation 
and he thought of me 
a whirlwind spinning crazily trying to cover up my faults 
trying to hide that I wasn't enough
He died on the cross and rose again proclaiming to me you are enough 
His message is this: 
let me rescue you 
let me bring you home 
let me show you the truth and erase the scars and the lies 
let me guide you to where you are supposed to be 
oh whirlwind stop spinning and find peace in Me alone 
and so I stop and rest in Him 
and in his definition of me 
I let Him speak life into me 
and guide me where He wants me 
for I am his beautiful daughter wonderfully made
to do His will 
because I am enough for the Savior of the world 
I am enough for the people of this world 


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