Life or Death

With ease I walk

        in the confidence of my Lord.

His peace I stalk,

        for alone I cannot afford.

I see His beauty

        in all of His creations.

As Christians it's our duty

        to spread His words to every nation.

He longs to hear our voices

        calling out His name.

Everyday is filled with choices,

        With God or Satan we choose to play.

With each sin of His children,

        our Lord's love will not faulter.

In the end His love killed Him,

        so our fate He could alter.

He pours out His grace,

        for all who want to recieve.

He offers His embrace,

        for those who choose to believe.

The signs of His plans and wonder,

        hit us right between the eyes.

We look right above and right under,

        then curse God for His lies.

But patiently our God awaits,

        those moments we stop and think.

Think of how much we have at stake

        and how without Him we would sink.

Sink into the arms

       of His wicked enemy.

And fall for all his charms,

       living a life in captivity.


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