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Everyone says," Why he is like that?" What? Black or insane? Then I tell them about my pain, my suffering, and they all say the same Why would I be lying on my dead friends name? I was 8 when I first took drugs- I was in vain
When I was eight I thought I'd be a princess and happy by now. Shouldn't I have subjects here to curtsey, kneel, and bow? I still don't have my mermaid tail or shiny fairy wings.
I am naive,  I have everything. Being a youngin, Is not that horrendous. Growing up  Is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute.
  A small brown girl sits in the middle of a poorly kept lawn, the weeds sprouting all around her.    The oak tree is shaking in the wind, and the leaves are falling.   
The inspiration I have gathered and grasped  from the ashes of this exhausted relief  fuels a fire untouchable to man    Rising up as the fire burns inside 
  nothing i am feeling is anything unique to the human experience.   i love you,   but how can you believe me?   you can't know how much i mean it.  
Life for you Life for me Life is Love   I call for you you don't call for me life is Melancholy   Melancholy for you Melancholy for me  Melancholy is Death  
I was twelve and rebellious, far from God and home at curfew, and my mother worried. Of course, the logical way for any modern mother to solve her daughter's issues-
O how Ruefully I pine For mi pueblito perdido, What I wouldn’t give, To be young again, And happy as I was back then.   Maria, full of peace,  Do you remember
When I was young, I was so carefree, At least that’s how It seems to me, Ain’t it sad How things turn out to be?   Full of hope, Full of passionate dreams, A thrilling new world
Waking up to my truths - even the flaws are gorgeous I get obsessive and I get insecure. Sometimes I find myself unbalanced, quickly unraveling at the folds. I may occasionally lose touch, or fall out of love.
You, This is where you begin to take shape;  spinning and churning in a world of pre-existing chaos - dancing and frolicking through the ever-ethereal muck of summer rubbish. stripped of vanity -
It’s hard to remember but sometimes I think of my neighbor’s garage. It was silver and white. He gave me a pair of vintage suitcases that had travelled to Paris. They were blue. I went to the emergency room twice as a kid.
My mind and body so young and sweet Ready to grasp the world and be free Questions always spreading from my mind to my fingertips Young and wild and full of joy Another year older and brought to different standards
I had to close my eyes  Pain sat at the bottom of my heart  Anger pulled on my tear ducts  Sorrow pounded on my brain  The three friends together  Consuming my body whole  She cried on shoulder 
A work of art is what you are Galileo would look at you and say "you're a star"   I see your body and see the lines and see your curves and remember the times
A nigh of mischief, an adventure, a nightmare.   Speed up! No. I'll crash, I'll fall, the world will spin   But the night is young.   Under the full moon
Self Portrait as the Weeping Willow   Reservoir in my eyes, current of my heart, snapped the twigs of my veins.   The fear, I feel. From My head to my toes.   
When I was young Maybe three years old I had a dream Went on a coaster Went upside-down I fell out Coaster ran over me Determined to face my fear I decide to try
Do you know how frustrating it is, To be criss-crossed, Overturned, Outnumbered, By men who don’t see my worth?
My body became A vacant spot. As my emotions Began to rot. The love he gave, the Emotions were real. The "I love You's" Became surreal.
You awaken with bright blue eyes, They twinkle with flecks of your future.   Wrapped in the blanket of love, You are safe In your mother’s arms.  
I was born Of a European Yew. Its mighty bough had grown Twisted and encrusted With moss In the garden of my great-great grandfather. As he left his house for the final time
A conversation between two people about a boy she’ll never know:   what is it that you like about him? like the one key detail that separates him from the rest  
Nothing new seems to pass by me. Only few occurrences surround me. Nothing to make me feel desperate, Nothing to make me feel longing.   I close my eyes to feel alive,
She was pure poison Striking at what she wanted most and pushing away those who got in the way.   She wanted something odd, maybe to make herself seem more full:
my past defines me, i am, the girl he keeps from his friends, a secret, not good enough, unheard
Who is the victor when both sides had suffered casualties? Death looms the streets/and the ground is full with bodies that were far too young.  Bodies that were too small to carry a M16 are now covered in dirt never again to be seen. 
Sticky kisses and blue butterflies, Long nights and adoring skies. Lingering kisses and yellow flowers, Suspensful nights and everlasting hours. Passionate kisses and red wine,
At 9 you will discover feel that you are So grown up-and in too many ways you are Because you have to be but please remember That it’s okay to be a kid
Meeting eyes with you was like staring at a picture that has been hung in the living room my whole life. You were so familiar, yet you never failed to catch my attention.  
We were in love once, not long ago. You said that you could never let me go.   You kissed me with all of your energy Maybe that's why you set me free  
  Instead of giving me a necklace Made up of his hands   We sit in his Grand Cherokee And listen to our favorite bands  
  Wet fuzzy socks in my shoe Squish every time I walk Around the block with you   Warm winter window smiles From  strangers sharing dinner
We had no plans and began to drive Into the small town that had tried to hide   From a paper map, hung on the wall it would seem to be fields that only stretch on  
Dearest seven year old thoughts,   you’re stupid unrealistic hypocritical, but it is not your fault.   The false words that teachers forcefully feed- words that they do not even believe!
Dear Jackson,  Picture this, soft. thin arms dainty wrists baby pink a soft pink, the kind that glows on the skin, and grows in the cheeks.
It’s 11:11, I still wish for you; Your safety, happiness, and for dreams to come true. When we first met, Was it love at first sight?
Alone, that is how I felt How we felt. As I look back and realize You were never alone, you Had your thoughts, your dreams, and your goals.  They scared you. They broke you, they broke us.
I was either too young or too naive too selfish or too needy, But your love was the thing I needed. Never had I loved someone’s eyes,
No space between, at least not seen,A gleaming gild shines there.A golden scent from air is lent,The heavenly pools in pair.
A twinkle in a kind souls eye,Lights smile with a single try.Sheepish grin, unsure of speach,A brush of hand, while just in reach.
For such a long time, I thought I understood long term relationships and that anyone can have them at any age Specifically my own personal demographic But suddenly A switch flipped And a light bulb flickered
i've already been where you're going and I had forgotten about that place until you came into my life and I saw your sunkissed face I want to tell you slow down but I don't want to seem tame
Wilting flowers dying slow. Dying dying No, I can smell the death in this house Not death like rotting Death like antiseptic And clean bedding. Soap and florescent lights To heat a dying body.
Dear young brown girl Brown skin, kissed from the sun Brown eyes made from specks of gold Tight-coiled curls shaped like a wand From the roots of Africa To the land of the “claimed” free
Kids divagate Because they don't know direction of life   Young-adults developed To find the direction of life   Adult discharge Because they know the direction of life
i never believed anyone who said they'd found their soulmate i never trusted those  who believed in true love until it was me writing crazy love poems to stay grounded and 
Bumps of ketamine. Go to bed real late. It’s not what it seems, Hell is a soulmate.   Vodka made of tears,
It’s hard to find out what love means, When you’re so young, so impressionable, Searching for something you think you want,
Because I love you,      I knock on your door before every date rather than sending an "i'm outside" text; Because I love you,
#BecauseILoveYou I love you for who you are Not what I want you to be Or what anyone else wants you to be
Daggers of sound Stab the night Like lovers found Cheating. But tonight we live For it. Live like living will Fix the problems, Even tho it won't. We dance with the strobes
Lead hands, Too heavy to move, I would have built you a mountain. But I no longer care.   I just have one thing to say.   “Fuck you.”   I was bleeding stripes
  I listen to the Lord, every single night I bow my head and pray to you oh Lord. I wish to be closer to you God. Like my garden angel, that hugs me so warmly.  
Face plant off the third floor  The blood splatter paints a pretty picture of why he didn't matter And who's sadder the committer or his encouragers Such a shame he had no one around to feel his hurt 
Something deep in my stomach wants to throw up raw blades but my thighs are already covered in blood. So people can see I’m alive, I plant a peach tree underneath bullets in my skin. She didn’t deserve my touch.
twenty sixteen and moved out at seventeen seventeen and get my own rent paid seventeen and grew my eyebrows out and slayed seventeen and moved to another state seventeen and two jobs, full plate
the girl I once knew suffer from a tragedy that ruined her mind
Your name tastes sour now when I say it, And yes I fell in love, I have no shame to admit, I loved the things you said to me, you always called me amazing,
As kids,We chose the penniesOver the dimes.We associated size with value. We didn't know that dimes are worth ten times as pennies. We thoughtIt's bigger It's worth more.As kids,
I wanna live young and wild. I wanna go on road trips in the middle of the night. Go to nowhere and make love under the stars in the back of my lovers pickup truck. I wanna be crazy and dance the night away 
I was young And naive And the school day was long And arduous. My library instructor  Loved poetry, thus All of the small children in her care, Including me, Were sat down one morning
Not hiding from, but embellishing reality was a game I played since three.  In my head and on the paper I hated the judgement from Teacher since five.  Books built walls to protect 
I remember when I wrote my first poem. I was 8 years old. I had just processed the loss of my father. I had never before felt so alone So hurt So empty So lost.
I'm nineteen but I reason better than some double my age. I see through life's glasses and I never hesitate to turn the page.   Sometimes I feel like a newborn, when I cry from everyday pressures.
fearful of my eyes, my mind, my lips spitting out someone else's secrets at any given second i could explode and everything within me the restrictions of tongue.
I guess the reason I am the way I am is that from a very young age my vision of the world was cracked from sleepless nights  until dawnless mornings. I tasted my first sip of alcohol at a very
"I feel the beat of my own words as they tumble A stutter, a jump in the waves of age that crash Down, encircling my head, shooting an emotional gun A bang in bed, so hard it breaks.
Many think they know who I am, But the truth is you don't. For starters my name is Akeylah Giles. Many know me as the girl with a Big voice,
Make a noise and make it loud Be black and proud Young black men and young black women Make a noise and let your voice be heard And the world will see how strong we are Wear your hair long and wear it down
I had lead such a privileged life. I danced toe to toe with rich men everyday. They brought me expensive clothes that they thought would warm my soul. Their eyes tied in knots at the sight of me.
When I think of her all I can do is smile, I feel her heartbeat across all these miles. I think of our little vacation, away from our worries and reservations.  Wishing for more than two days, forever seems like light years away.
There are no tears in her eyes as she plays with her toys. Her father and grandmother are holding onto each other's hands, Sometimes stealing glances at the young girl.  
I look down and see your name on my phone but I won't stop because  I'm almost home. But little did I know when I got there the house would be full of nothing but despair.
Smooth skin. Like butterscotch, tan and creamy. I don’t believe that I have ever seen a single blemish on your body. You’re white, but that odd sort of white that you don’t see too much of.
I told someone my secrets.I told all of my secrets to a bucket.I'm afraid they won't hold.Who the hell needs a leaky bucket with their wordstaped to the bottom?I'm afraid I've given my guns
  Pull heartstrings while you pull Hamstrings, Make me feel your presence in it's entirety.   Lungs aren't full enough for you to linger this long, but I don't care if you don't, and
I am not I think I am...   I think I am small. I think I am inadequate. I think I am less than.   I am more than what U think I am...   U think I am a burden
Who am I? I am shy But around my friends I am loud. I am smart But sometimes not so much. I am funny But it is mostly myself that thinks that. I am young
I’m just a young black woman, Trying to get educated. Cause one day when I have children, I don’t want to tell them how I ALMOST made it. I want to tell them how I passed,
Blissfully asleep The cold air never seeped in to get me I was protected by a sleeping bag worn old, purple and pink But it was ruined Suddenly that old sleeping bag stopped protecting me
Hypothetically, if I told you I loved you would we still be friends? If I promised to keep a promise but didn't would our friendship depend? I'm speaking hypothetical and never intend to hurt you.
I met a boy on the outskirts of campus, playing a game of frisbee.   his eyes shined like oceans shimmering in the very depths of the beauty in  the place mermaids call home.  
Why fails love to be content unto itself?   To have loved is to have loved.  
When I was twelve,  I was so down, Seemed so easy to put on a smile,Not everyone knew,
Being sick to me, iswaking up due to that small subtle crease in the bed causing
Are we in some way not gelatin or wi
I met a dying sun, all red and gold My lighter wouldn't catch a flame, So the stars came slowly,
One thousand empty chairs stretch to stage   she meets my face and suddenly it's noon, i'm   staring in the mirror : a distorted reflection   two people two strangers  
We're all just fucked up, living in a fucked up world. I go out drinking to forget my boyfriend. I find myself with an epiphany, I am more important. I sigh and I sit on this pavement that is cold.
Young Responsible Educated Kindhearted And Beautiful, Inside AND Out
  Inside a world of chaos She sat on the stairs. Searching through the memories, She tried to make pairs.   Happy? Sad? Or was it both all at once? Like a heist,
Driving home that rainy night, Everything was normal, everything was right.I turned the same way I always do,quickly running out of time before curfew!Almost home, just a few miles to go, 
  With wings on her feet and sun filled clouds in her mind The little girl smiled so the flowers bloomed And the pixies came out to play Nightingales sang and crickets played Shy gnomes giggled
My parents would always say,             “Time flew by.”
I pop Xanax like it's candy, Because the doctors told me to keep it handy.  
I come to be a voice For every person who’s been Suffering in silence Too acquainted with lost dreams And police sirens   Waking up in the middle of the night Knowing something’s wrong
Brisk dancer I move with such grace
While your young, your told to live a certian way People teach you how to talk, what to say Everyone looks, judgement in there eyes. People talk, but all you hear are lies. Noone can tell you who you are,
Time seems fluid.            You and I are just floating through. Time stretches on and on,             Until the day has ended               And the darkness is surrounding. The rising sun
Lonely soul, lonely soul what happened here? Did they push you to the ground In your mind instilling fear? Did they hurt you and abuse you Shout obscenities in your ear?
Inspired to do my best by those you wouldn't expect. High expectations given to me by those who don't provide my basic needs. I wonder how life would be if I didn't believe in grinding.
Get Lost   "Get lost! You ignorant teens!"
If I stay....
Stand still solider  Knowing that you will never see your little sister grow older Stand still solider 
    You should have known better
Young and Wasted   
Look all around you and tell me what do you see? Are people fighting for originality? Or hungry to be like you and me? This world lacks individuality, imagination and innovation.
I will remember these nights like the tide remembers to kiss the shoreline--
  Childhood last for so many years, but not very long The mind of a child lives on for so long, Until the age that you spawn as you no longer are considered a child by law
Home from work is the time to sleep,
I exist within a beat A moment of synchronized sound.  An instance, determined by an ongoing tempo.
I know as I write about what's wrong or right. Someone wants to see the end of my life. I tell them go ahead and try! I'm at that point I'm not scare to die for enlightening minds.
Regret and Anger tries to take hold. Pain and Sorrow leaves me cold. I feel it deep within, a storm breaking thru, trying to take control, of how I hate you. A heart you were given
Slam. I hear the sound of the door closing, turn to see the car driving away, and with it, everything i've ever known in life. Comfort, gone. Security, gone.
Day after day Semester after semester Year after year I run into college freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are victims drowning in their own pool of confliction
Rain   It was so cold,   We wandered through the woods to seemingly nowhere   Just because   Not even talking, just walking  
East Japan is on fire And we're sitting pretty
Is my mind so unoriginal, it can't think in another way? My thoughts have turned sappy Since he came around that day.   I love him, I love him He loves me too. I want this for forever
Through these eyes I have witnessed hardship, Through this mouth I have tasted the tears,
Anything to get my money they did, I guess telling the truth is forbid, This place was clean the last time I was here, Now I look around and say “Oh dear,” I thought there was 60% diversity in this place,
I wear my heart on my sleeve, Just because you decided to leave; I woke up with heart ache, So much that it might break.   I wear a smile on my face, And show love with my eyes;
Exploded from nothing, just children of the stars All of a sudden, these little starts started to bloom. Little did we know, that we were our own doom.  
It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this to you. I want to start off by saying I'm sorry, I'm sorry for allowing misconceptions to seep into your mind, Destroying your future.
A young girl, dawned in a butter yellow With glitter on her eyelashes and paint on her lips Pushed up onto stage hardly before she even knows how to say no The bright lights beat down upon her startled face
I was stuck between the two On the outside I had my loyalties to one Inside I burned with curiosity For the other   The world rushed passed my ears The colors mixed I could not walk
I will die. Young perhaps I will be put in a coffin The color of coal With a rainbow on top   I will be beautiful Surrounded by fine silk With the smell of roses
Baby Girl!! What are you doing?!! Do you care about your life? Being a mother isn't easy Being a single mother is harder Being a single, young mother is damn near impossible.
Normalicy is nothing more,
Sunburn on your lips The fire burns and it taste like this  Veins bleed impulsive  Minds divided from reaction  Hands sliding down apprehensive legs Absent love lingers in this bed 
Yes I am very young, and the feeling I get scare me.
Save the newborn eyes So that the mind grows astonished
She glows with beauty. She is stronger than anything that comes her way.  She is a diamond. 
Lets spread our wings up and high
I never spoke to you face to face, I am not your friend. Yet you lived so close to me, it was inevitable for us to have some contact. With a text you reached out to me. Hey. What's Up? How are you?  
Dear young Dear reckless
Don't want to forget the memories, but like the stars as they grow old, millions of years afar, they're disappearing, slowly, one by one.
The world does not revolve around you        If so then the sun would shoot down like rain on a window pane Tap Tap Tapping on your skin until you blister and boil        Oh such pain that i'll never know
As kids we are asked simple questions like, "what do you want to be when you grow up? How old are you? How's life?"  These simple questions are fun to answer because you still would have time to decide.
Silence flows through the air oh so coldsitting there waiting a young man so old, asking for love
Let me tell you straight,I say yes you say noI say come you say goI hide and you showI inhale while you blowDifferent….
  You think for the best but live for the worst,
  What's a tree without it's leaf? What is god without belief? What is man with no home?
  Like a baby born without a mother Shit just don’t make sense So how the hell can you walk around without a split lick of common sense You think have all together
"What would I change?" they all asked. I simply couldnt reply. "What would I change?" is too hard of a question. That day is to unbelievable to even start. What would I change about July 21st, 2013?
At sixteen years of age, in some ways I am not the girl I once was. I am not the care-free little girl who had no qualms. I am not the girl whom making friends was the easiest task in the world.
Every time I turn on the news, a family, a person, a life is bruised.
"OMG you too Ms. Imani?You see I... I thought I was the only"Thats what this young girl said to meas she glared at meno longer feeling lonely.
You open your eyes and the world around you seems so beautiful A blue sky with white clouds above during the day A dark purple sky with glittering stars at night There is a force within you that you do not comprehend
oh father what has happenedto you? what on earth stole from you your guitar? and told you to stop singing to your baby girl?  oh father theres a darkness that settles in your eyes thsese days.
And then I thought that maybe, just maybe, I had gotten him to fall in love with me
Steel rafts of ocean hands             Pearl into icy depths             Piercing through its smooth skin             Breaking the shocks of energy             Through thick blue
Head held high I walk through the halls, I am who I am. Tired but proud, in this place I am small, I am who I am.  Monitors beep while sick children sleep, I listen carefully.
My mind is wise but my heart is naive and my soul is worn and weary yet  my body is of a young girl   I don't even know how I'm so young but I'm so old.
A stream of compassion flows with peace A river of grace is love
A twisting lock of hair falls round your face A shield of purple lacquer coats your nail As desperately I need to know my place I try and try and try to no avail.  
If I could change anything one thing, no matter how big or small, I would probably change the voting age. 
    Here I am,  See me wait, watch me cry, 
Why don't we play Gatsby, I'll play Gatsby, You can play Daisy, Five years can separate us, But nothing ruins forever, Let's sit around all day and lay in a pile of clothes, I'll try to please you,
Its crazy how mothers and fathers Bury their children now days One day they conceive em And then their fading away Out of your life And out of your way Got police knocking At your door
Having a smile On your face Just goes to show How you are sweet Being your friend Till the end has been great I'm saying bye I hope you see How much you have meant to me
You are but a babe, fresh and newly made. In life you think you wade.   You curse and roll your eyes.
Your eyes, so intense, so assertive, they scream love.
Your soft tiny hands, Your soft tiny feet, Your cute baby face, No one can ever compete.   Those cute tears that rolls down
It feels like a true fairytale. Like the ones your mom reads to you at bedtime. You're dreaming of walking through the dark green woods. Only lit up by the tiny fireflies buzzing around.
  Flow in the wind like a flower in the Spring, Your delicate petals swirl in the midst.
Most desired commodity,i see love, i hear love, numb to the touch, have yet to feel it
She imprinted wishful thinking onto fragile skin. Dreamt of last names being shared, and Put him on a pedestal too unworthy.   Her heart too early mornings And his too midnight,
Though you may not think of me as your family, I will always think of you as mine. Though you may never think of me as your loving little sister, I will always think of you as my older sister.
Author's note: While Power Poetry covers a multitude of causes, I've noticed that there are two in particular that are largely avoided--elder care and death.
I was told to make my words count, But to what amount?  
I love him, He loves me, But how could I be so dumb? Why can't I see?   This is wrong, But it feels so right, To be in his arms And to hold me tight.  
I feel it, I sense it. It targets all my veins and reactions. My heart stops for a while and I can't breathe. I suddenly start to drop and watch as the Sun eclipse before my eyes. This is my pain. Can you feel it too ? 
Professors claim we lazy and just don’t get it Nah sir, that point? You done missed it. It’s a scary time to be young, black, and gifted The frame of picture we was supposed to paint done shifted
They were both nervous
Young minds, Greater minds Sometimes a little hard to find Steadfast and they infuse Thoughts full of voice and and full of virtue Young Dreamers, Eyes open Always awake to this world, Never miss a moment
Let me be the one
Baby sister! Who I love you, and inevitably abore. You give me the strength, to go out and explore, To face challenges that are harder for the adverage man, So here we go, Heres the plan,
Living as different people, different species manages to dictate our lives somehow.
Oh, the Confused as they call me in my home In my head stuck inside, raping my outs with lies Provoking the truth , basking in youth
You never know what it's like to grow up alone I wasn't complaining, just simply saying But it is really hard to come home to a broken home It's not that I'm asking for a better home, just simply explaining  
It's been going on for too long. They say Rachel has the potential. POTENTIAL POTENTIAL POTENTIAL Is all I hear. Rachel is talkative.  Rachel constantly voices her opinions.
There was a boy with almond flavored eyes,He spoke to me like he never knew a goodbye,And oh, when he touched me, It’s like he had the world at his fingertips,
Dear teacher, I love psychology I truly do.And I always turn in my homework whenever it's due. When handing out assignments keep in mind I'm a young soul, I like to go out on Friday nights I'm just twenty-two years old. I enjoy reading about Pavlo
A young girl plays in the warm sunlight. Tag, you're it. Running, Laughing, Living. Hours pass. Like all children, the girl in the lavender dress is restless. Dusk.
You spend 6 hours a day with us teaching us and pushing us but never in a  rush showing us some of the greatest people like Fredrick Douglas   its always great to have some one who believes in me
Oh the irony, To be in such disparity, And yet so merry and gay, Is this right is this O.K.? Do you think he was the same way? Witty Whitman and his writing foreplay?
Liar, Liar pants on fire   “Mama,” her body began to spark more and more with each step “I’m going to Emily’s house,” her eyes began to glow hungry for fuel
I was never fond of family reunionsand recently a not-so-close relativecame up to me and said“So many twentysomethings are dropping out.Where do you want to be in 10 years? You better make us proud.”
It's crazy how things change, the type of isshh that'll make you feel strange. I dont belong here, im not wanted.
Courage is something that comes from the heart. It brings us hope and dreams, but others want to take it away. They want us to feel regret and sorrow, but we must stay strong. Courage is something that drives us to dream.
I looked up at the sky This is what I see Everyone is staring at me I gave it a shrug Just like a bug Running in such a large place With so much space My leg only being one I was only 7
By the sight of lighting By the trickle of rain Together they form a storm It will last an hour or so Just to show
They say young love doesn't last long. I'm hoping we can prove them wrong. Let's take it back to when we first met. You was posted up looking at the basketball net. The first thing I notice was your eyes.
He had large nostrils red hair and freckles. He was the second biggest boy in class and my friends were the smallest so I always fought him  when we wrestled with his posse.   
When my Great Grandmother was near death in the hospital I was curious to see what an old person's butt looks like, so I kept standing on my tippie toes to catch a see
Thoughts of her Dripping into my sternum From all the way up there In my brain Where she has implanted herself   Like an alien egg    
Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon Disney Channel and more Oh Cartoons, I do adore When I was little I learned so much Bubbles, her sweet and gentle touch Blossom was a leader and Buttercup didn’t back down
Sweet lost silly Puerile Poetry I make because I am so young and Pathetically infatuated 
A nostalgic lust—a crush. I had it for some body.   Something about their sitting near Probably the pheromones and molecules of shampoo That I breathed Was actuating Of a lurching in me
Remember that time? When we swore we were perfect Ironically in love with each other’s imperfections Barely leaving any space between us to take in the recollections.
Too young to be in love Is it really love or just lust? Let's spread our wings as if we're dove Can you promise to keep my trust?   Do you believe that love really exists?
It is January 29th. January 2013 is ceasing. Yet the warmth wraps around me and pulls me in for a hug. I do not understand how the weather can be so fickle. I am sitting by my window, open for business. The wind sneaks in my room past my screen.
Young and careless.Back when all was done was waking up and having fun.When five dollars seemed like a million bucks.When a kids meal toy was all you wanted.When it was easy to get over anything and smile.
  Change is everything. Growing up not being accepted for your own dreams, who can tell you what you can and can not be. No one. No one to talk to about my situation, i turned to poetry instead of danger. Telling my poems at talent shows.
I don't like to be ignored. Actually I HATE to be ignored. And fuck those of you who immediately think that I am an attention whore. I'm not, I just don't like to be ignored.
Young and Stupid are those holding few in years To do nothing and be expected to do nothing while saying 'who cares' Surrounded by the greatness of the giants' golden eggs
I deserve respect You know you wouldnt talk to your mom like that I am a girl I am 15 I am black And I am smart With ambition  Nothing can beat that So why wont you respect me?
Manicure's, Dresses, and High HeelsHidden tattoos, fake smiles, and hearts of steelLocally known to wear a crownThey come from miles around
Let me be modest. Let me be sorry. Let me be social. Let me be young. Let me make war. Let me be loved. Let me become better. Let me live life.
Why can’t I be pretty mama? Like the girls on magazines Why can’t I be pretty mama? The prettiest girl ever seen Why can’t I be pretty mama? And I catch a boy’s eye Why can’t I be pretty mama?
  What am I gonna do when you’re gone? Because you couldn’t let anybody in to hear the cries of your sad song. So tell me what am I gonna do when you’re gone?
The paradise child Fell from convenience Onto the concrete The asphalt Did not taste of sweetness But of fear
Naive not strong, let it dim fleeting out like helpless birds My cage is closed,my heart strong. Inside I will remain forever young.   Deep down inside, my soul, A Cage.
Sometimes I miss being a little kidWhen the problem was which crayon to chooseOr finding a marker without a lid.The biggest mistake’s result was a bruise,And boys just carried a bunch of cooties.
They said that I'd be fine And I believed it to be true Until at the next moment  My eyes fell upon you   My heart began to beat off rhythm  As my vision became blind
I live my life trying to create such precious memories. Living with all these people I thought were a friend to me.
Let love not be just an impassioned flameDark like charcoal in a matter of daysFleeting birds escaping, his misled aimSomething so exaggerated in plays
Just because I'm young   Dont judge me differently   Dont put me down   Dont talk behind my back Just because I'm young   Doesn't mean I'm a follower   Doesn't mean I fall into peer pressure
Young love is the topic of discussion, heartbeat, tempo cousin of percussion. Okay, Where do I start? The ladies and the girls thinking men run the heart. Independence, Coincidence, hence-
Dear young woman on the other end of the computer screen, 
As youth, we wish youth away, We wish to be older, for our adult days. To move away from home, To live self-instructed lives, To have our freedom and not worry about our parent guides.
Let's go back to when we were new, We didn't say love, But our hearts they flew, We used to have everything, Some say we still do, Should we repair, Or leave it in the rear view,
  every exasperated sigh is a painful reminder of how unhappy you are here. I cringe when I hear you You are like a machine on its last run, ready to give in at any given moment
The floetry, the poetry The words no longer flow like trees The pain he felt, the more we see The links of him down to her "v" The moet she pours up as he Feels that the love is all she needs
  Wish we could be the same again  When I was happy with you  All I wanted to do was be with you  But i can't because you can't see  What I want us to be All that we've been through 
People say we are too young Too young to know what love is But the first person we love is our mother  The first person we lay eyes on  The first we connect with 
  A blanket of comfort hanging in the closet. my body longs for the warmth it brings morning after morning. Ordinary in every way, torn in all the right places. I slip it over my head
I finally gave up, Gave in. Stopped lying to myself.   We weren't getting better, we never would.   Your insensitivity, Too much for my fragile heart.  
Remember when the only thing that scared us was the shadow in our room.   We would be scared to look under the bed. And the closet was our only enemy.    Life seemed simpler when we were young.  
My mind tormented and briefly captured …  Caught in this “one day it’ll happen thought …  Chasing pavements so frequently consistently I run out of breath,  I think to myself ‘where is my place?’
  As a young child I held in a lot of anger, Negativity, rage, unlocked power. Such an opinionated mind never exposed, Due to my shy need to keep my mouth closed.   “The words never come out right!”
Times are hard, Hearts are broke, no one knows what lies ahead, maybe a miracle. Her hearts shattered and beaten, It shows on her body, No one believes it Hes killing her.
Walking down the aisle of a store. She is pushing the cart. And receives crude looks. Stares that make people think they’re better. They aren’t.
I was the sweater you put on after Summer, when the weather started to get colder. You were the voice I tuned on my car stereo, every night when I left home.
Everyone keeps staring at me My belly swells and my feet hurt I didnt ask for this change I didnt ask for this experience stop staring at me please judging me in your head whispers in the shadow of my back
Thursday morning, just like any other I wake up. the vibe is different. I have yet to find out, but something is wrong
when we're in the mood when we're in this place when the temperature rises and our hearts start to race and in between heavy breathing accompanied by low moans
Splintered amongst our feet, the birchwood door we have come to love. Gave comfort in time of refreshment. Praised security with needless fear. --A deep sigh in the stress--
Getting good marks in exams makes one happy Eating ice creams makes some happy Splurging money on shopping makes others happy Our parents become happy to see their children happy
Nobody in this world can live without music I feel And music transcends all boundaries But still some people seem to have no ear for music But even these people enjoy some kind of music or song for
Some have an ambition to be a doctor Some have an ambition to be a pilot Some scuba divers, some athletes There is a broad range of different ambitions With people preaparing for ambitions from a young age
Hero is dashing Goons he is smashing The heroine is so happy For the herohas come to her rescue, Many portions of the script are unrealistic, There are twists and turns in the story,
Dear Anthony, I'd like to set aside order for a moment And what's inadvertently thought of as important To spill my heart on a palette With words left uncalloused Waiting to engrave
Mommy, why are my hands so small? Why does everyone say I look like you when I don’t see it at all? Why do you say I have ocean blue eyes and run your hands through my hair when it’s nothing but dry?
We were convinced our paths were written in the stars And promised we'd never be apart To only realize none was as different as ours So we parted ways with all too broken hearts
I can’t help but feel this sense of regret In every blink, in every breath. I forced myself ahead a step; Forgot what it was that I should have kept. Curiosity breached as temptation crept
And there I was In your bed Thinking about being young And what I would’ve said.
Suffocating in darkness As a diseased light paved my way I attempted to scale the barriers That separated me from the outside where life thrived
When we first met we didn't think much Three years of knowing each other, we still don't think much Little glances, soft touches
It was incredible. I couldn’t believe what I had discovered after all these years, I had finally looked into his eyes and realized their hazel color.
For example, Blocks. Stacking rings. Mr. Potato Head. (What about Mrs. Potato Head? See what I mean?) Those Little People that come in a family their own house their own car –
Tick Tock The bell screams I wait... and wait... And finally the show begins. HIs lip quivers with thoughts HIs eyes staring, imploring with the deepest green It's only a moment, yet I feel it
Apparitions of my innocence appear to me Sincerely I can say I miss those days dearly Back when I was young and couldn't see the world clearly I'm screaming warnings to a ghost hoping that it's hearing me
We, like the forever wind, rage like the gemstone sky, scare like the diamond fire, sear We are, like a roaring train, a force like her ocean eyes, electric like the sun’s breath, gold
The months of waiting and tears Lead to this moment; Where I can finally hold you again, And hear your heartbeat, And breathe you in. It's been too long since i've seen you're smile And your eyes,
Your troubles were my troubles, your struggles I made my own. What I got in return was nothing more, but pain. Now what do I have to show, I am nothing but alone. My eyes watered like rain, you made me feel so insane.
Its been 24 hours since yesterday, I know u might think That I exaggerate but I just can't explain' This feeling is suffocating me, Cuz I know yours aren't the same' that you thought they were...
When I was a kid, I thought the world was like the one in the cartoons The hero dressed in his red, white, and blue would always fly in and save the day
I felt the frost on my tongue, because I was growing young and the sun didn't shine from the words I spoke. I kissed a flower as I smelled a delicate perfume and walked in a cold garden among a cold world.
Calm and low the engine hummed, Singing its incessant tune, As they glided down the road, Under the placid moon.
... as years, months and days pass by, I always think of you. wonderin' whether you are thinkin of me. one day we will find away back to eachother knowing that we belong to one another. when I hold you, I will feel secure.
“I just wanted to be normal” She said As she scrapped the words into her paper Until it bled Deep blue ink Onto her fingers Leaving little blue trails through the forest of her written word
I have many great friends Who care about where I end And enjoy being around me Who make me smile And laugh And cry
Cautious hands reach out “Be gentle!” I scold This is too scary, a risk i can’t take. I retract my offering “I promise” he says. They always make impossible promises that end with insincere apologies.
FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! Black America has been inspired By these words from the past But are we truly free? This question puzzles me? When our fellow brothers and sisters
Who am I? Right now. I know, I know. But who am I, when the world turns dark? As I wander through this endless park? Am I me? Am I you? Do I love? Do I hate?
She thought she was invincible 19 and young Invincible to the cops Invincible to the shots Invincible to a drive That took her down a road late one night She ran from the cops,
Life’s not meant to be lived easily It’s not easy to live life peacefully Hardships has been beating me recently If only I can live this life decently But I’m hitting obstacles constantly
Distance makes the heart grow fonder but the wait just feels so much longer truth sets in and the realization hits memories of the past come back in bits how can it hurt so much
I'm running through the woods The wind rushing through my hair I take a leap of faith Despite my knowing you're not there I cling to this thought Hold tight to my perfect picture of what if
I will never understand why you died Yes I know the reason why Someone bullied you And said mean things about you But why did it affect you You are beautiful And you are smart
TOO YOUNG If I had my way, You would not be leaving. If I had my way, I would not be grieving.
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