La Lune


There was a boy with almond flavored eyes,
He spoke to me like he never knew a goodbye,
And oh,

when he touched me,

It’s like he had the world at his fingertips,

Fireworks on my skin,
Then quivered against my lips,
When he kissed me I tasted hope and desperation,
My heart beat in tune to the sound of the moon spinning,
Orbiting the Earth,
And he was my sun,
Around him I would go,
No matter how many times I fell into the ocean when my wings melted,
I would go,
And he would receive me with open arms 
Like a mother to a child who has caused her nothing but grief
And it is in him I believe the truth lies,
The truth about love,
And all it’s dirty little secrets,
It’s DR.Jekyll side and it’s Mr.Hyde’s smile, 
Like the way love was forgiving and so cruel all at once,
I cannot wait to discover the roadmap that is you,
To trace every single line in your face and be able to say
I know this 
I’ve been here before 
I’ve touched this before
I’ve kissed this before 
The rise and fall of your chest is the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed
And I want to become a part of it
Of you
Rising and falling
Seperating and becoming
What makes you

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