just another sad girl in love with Jason Dean


nothing i am feeling is anything unique to the human experience.


i love you,


but how can you believe me?


you can't know how much i mean it.


how every night i hold xanex in my hand and my tongue can feel them in my mouth,


i can feel myself swallow, feel myself drift away,


but then i think of you doing the same thing.


the world needs you here.  you have so much to give.


why can't you live without me?


just let go.


but selfishly, i don't want you to ever leave.


can i go, but be with you at the same time?



and what I want for myself and what I want for you are so tangled up...

I want whatever you do,

and that's why I let you put yor hand up my dress when I feel like crying.


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