On my knee

Home from work is the time to sleep,

Expecting the same thing for tomorrow to be.

Though with eyes shut, thoughts wander through realms.

Only to be opened at the perfect moment, eyes are wide.

Struck by what beauty the beholder appears, she is flawless and elegant

Her habits of early morning smiling are what make the rest of the day fly peacefully

I can barely stand as high as she shows her affection to life

On my knees is where she has me as she leaves to work every morning.


The days are the best when we have each other,

Together we are able to climb mountains, cross rivers, and through borders.

Hand in hand, we walk together and stand to enjoy what is accomplished

Taking in how far we have come and how far we will go.

She is the definition of forever in my life

She is eternal in the ways she loves

She is the soft touch I cherish from every stroke.

She is the comfort like the bed that we’ve engaged in

She is victorious in the battle of my life.

On my knee I give her my heart.


Through all obstacles, we can maintain.

We both have promised to not succumb to the tragedies of life,

No matter the circumstances, never lose our faith or ambitions

Keep climbing the mountains and crossing the bridges

Through sickness and health, we are on a meter,

She said one day our gauges will turn down

And whoever goes first, let it be a great day.

Last words express one’s life in seconds,

As she closed her eyes and said ‘I love you’

She smiled that morning smile when she sees the light

On my knee, I am left with two smiles.

She and I.


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