I Could Believe


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For example, Blocks.
Stacking rings.
Mr. Potato Head.
(What about Mrs. Potato Head? See what I mean?)
Those Little People that come in a family
their own house
their own car –
A hole in front and one in back.
His and Hers.
So right away you have to make a choice.

And then I had a vacuum –
red with a black handle and little wheels. I followed my mother’s vacuum through the family room,
down the hall,
every room in the house.
And I could believe
that the noise was coming from my vacuum.
That I was doing the work.
I was helping, you know?
I was important because I was helping.

This is how we learn what we will become.

My brother had a Corn Popper.
It looked like my vacuum with a long, blue handle,
but at its base was a bubble, and balls that popped
like gunfire as he raced down the hall.
head down,
a soldier who would save the battalion
score the final touchdown,
earn a million dollars,
win the girl.

The good girl who is helpful and clean.


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