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The months of waiting and tears
Lead to this moment;
Where I can finally hold you again,
And hear your heartbeat,
And breathe you in.
It's been too long since i've seen you're smile
And your eyes,
I forgot how endless they were,
Little pools that reflect everything.
It seems like forever since you've last held me;
I breathe in your scent
Trying to still the moment,
Prolong it to its fullest extent.
You're arms are a familiar comfort,
One very much missed,
too soon, you pull away
You take with you, a piece of me
How long until I see you again?
Will I see you again?
Have you captured my heart forever?
Keeping my heart hostage?
It's the perfect crime
Impossible to trace or track,
Only the victims empty shell remains-
However, it functions,
Just not as well as it used to;
It can never be fixed,
Only bandaged and forgotten,
The scars are still there
And the ticks don't sound quite right,
But with time these things are overlooked,
They become familiar,
Almost second nature,
And gives the person the illusion of happiness.


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