No more Love


United States
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Its been 24 hours since yesterday,
I know u might think That I exaggerate but I just can't explain'
This feeling is suffocating me,
Cuz I know yours aren't the same' that you thought they were...
And i know, that you might feel sympathy
But I deny it just like u denied me..

I really don't comprehend,
But there ain't actually Noting to' understand
Since we didn't last'
Now...u talk to me as your first resort,
And I just go with the flow,
To only try go through This bump in my road,
But Its like I'm sinking n your the quick sand eating'
the insides by making me loose control of my thinking

It ain't getting any better,
Than This bitter situation through my mind,
Cuz' my brain ain't stopping n Its giving disturbance to This reckless choice I made of choosing you,
And yeah, I'm loosing myself once again,
Like any other boy I put in my head,
I'm afraid that I will loose you,
Even as a friend,
Cuz "I'm out of my system"....

yes I know I'm complicated,
Don't mind me,
your not related to my situation,
N if I was wrong, excuse me for all the misunderstanding,
you could blame it on me,
But even throughout everything,
You'll never know the truth between the other complication,
So I think Its time for you to decide to "leave it or live with it"...
Anyways Its just a matter of time for me to get up from my knees n wipe the tears from my cheaks,
To realize that the past ain't the present,
but the lesson to the realization,
Of the process to success.

So boy,
I ain't tripping,
Go have sum fun n live it,
I have made my stand at last..
I'll b my own savior just like I was my own destroyer,
Even if right now, I ain't in the best
I hope you'll understand about my disposition,
Because There's always an explanation
To da' ones I can't love this much...


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